Forklifts and Ultrasonic Level Sensors

By sending sound waves off of targets to return to a home transmitter, ultrasonic level sensors can be a valuable asset to companies that deal in storage or when materials are moved around several times a day. The term “ultrasonic” uses sound waves that operate at a frequency beyond human hearing and is applied in ultrasonic level sensors by sending sound waves that echo off the desired target and are returned to the transmitter. When applied to storage companies and the like, the most pragmatic uses for ultrasonic level sensors are level, volume, flow monitoring, presence or absence detection, and object dimensioning.

Transform Your Home Into Space Exploration

Every time I watch the space invader and those cool space wanderer that landing on the moon and wandered around it, this made me felt excited. If you never tried to create a house wanderer by yourself believe me, this is fun experience. What to make one for yourself? No problem but you needs to prepare these materials first: PIC18F6722 Dev Board and CCS compiler as main brain, Bend Sensor for feeler whiskers, Servo act as a turret wave for better view, SRF05 Ultrasonic Sensor for detecting the wanderer movement distance, HM55B Compass works as a direction/guide for wanderer, L298 Motor Controller to control the two motors, Wheel Watcher Module function as odometer (distance measure meter)