Gaming, Tech Addiction and Introversion

Regardless of utilizing science and technology to better our lives, we are the genuine slaves to technology. We enjoy the need to dependably have something electronic in our hands, a device that helps us to stay connected with internet, gaming or other social sites.  We’re avoiding this present reality to get a computer settle our work and plans and we rely on the internet that much. What are the kinds of technology addiction? Like gambling, technology utilizes the variable proportion fortification calendar to make a satisfying knowledge. The timetable is unusual and changed, yet it likewise has substance that is mood-enhancing or motivating. Examples of technology addiction: Video games Social media Online gambling Texting Other activities These addictions can run from direct to serious. One review found that individuals who utilized Facebook demonstrated no negative consequences for their brain. In any case, they additionally perceived Facebook-related pictures speedier than street …

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New Technological Advancements Improving Health Sector

Imagine being diagnosed with a dreading disease. One that can literally take away the joy of life. One that can push you in a corner and make you feel irrelevant of the surroundings. But hey, you are not in the 20th century this is the age of technology. This is an era where medicines are not generic but tuned according to the body they are being administered into. No, this is no longer about being in the typical era of loneness, it is about advancing now. Protracted and more serious diseases these days are cured through this form of treatment called precision medicine. For say and god forbid if you are diagnosed with cancer, the doctor will advise you with precision medicine as well.  This type of cutting-edge treatment uses your genetic information, along with cues from your lifestyle and environment, to prevent and treat disease.

Robotic Suit – The Ultimate Outfit for Super-Soldier

Rex Jameson, a 5-foot-11 with 180 pounds software engineer seems just like others “Average Joe”. When he owns his free time, those extreme sports such as bike hiking, swimming, playing tennis and skies will be his favorite time killer events. Do not be fooled by his appearance, as Jameson was one of the honor software engineers, which has a contract with the U.S. Army and currently working on a top-secret project. You must be wondering, what kind is this so said “Top secret project” thing? Well, Jameson is fully responsible to research, create, and produce a “Robotic Suit” that will be widely used by the U.S. Army in the near future. “Everyday, I need to put on this 150 pounds “exoskeleton” that mostly made up of aluminium and electronics, most of the peoples gets bored on the specimen, instead of gets tired like me,” Jameson said. It’s hard to believe …

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Embedded Technology and Human Lifestyle

The prevalence of embedded electronics technology in the modern market has given rise to innovative products that could change the way people live. From innovative everyday stuff such as integrated home entertainment systems to intelligent helicopter rotor blades, embedded electronics technology is covering all facets of modern day living and is making life faster, easier and more convenient for people. Transforming Communication Embedded electronics technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate and transmit data and information. New designs of parts and systems are being made to make tech-based products like cellular phones cheaper and more efficient. Today remote execution of tasks and activities (like company monitoring and quality assessment) can be done securely using embedded electronics. Wireless integrated work stations are also being implemented in many office establishments.