Importance of ensuring your website is safe and secure

Attacks on websites are common now. For every eager programmer who learns to create a device to protect people’s digital businesses, there are others only to happy to inflict trojans, malwares, viruses and other online evil. Those processes can bring down a company or expose it to damage, or drain money from its funds. Perhaps sometimes it is a pure show of arrogance from a young hacker or cyber wizard, capable of showing a multi-million-pound company that someone in a bedroom in another country can infiltrate their defences. And the damage can be incalculable, to reputations and future prospects. Last year alone 20,000 customers at Tesco Bank had money stolen from their accounts, while the infamous TalkTalk breach saw a ‘mere’ 157,000 personal records compromised by hackers. These will not be the last such incidents; indeed, an attack on accounting software company Sage could “be one of the most important …

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5 Lesser Known Tech Security Tips For Protecting Your Business

We live in a world where the files on our computer are more important than ever. Did you ever think the day would come when a few zeros and ones could exceed the value of your home? Businesses shouldn’t be focusing their efforts on only physical stuff, but instead they should ensure all their information floating around in cyberspace is always safe. Here are some unconventional ways you can safeguard your company from a potential disaster.

8 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Network Security

Securing a network is an administrator’s main priority, and with good reason. Insecure networks are open to infiltration by viruses, malware, and hackers. A dedicated threat can even bring down an entire system, costing a company time and resources. As important as it is, security is not difficult to achieve. Neither is it an expensive undertaking. Here are eight simple things that can improve a network’s security. 1) Migrate to Linux The fact that Linux experiences fewer security issues than Windows is very well-known. Migrating some desktops from Windows to Linux is an easy yet effective way of improving network security. Users who do not rely on proprietary Windows applications can migrate first. But to ensure that they continue accessing Webmail, OWA should be set up in place of Exchange. 2) Restrict the Installation of Software Users who install software at will expose the whole network to viruses and malware. …

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