Human And Machines Got Even Closer

In this era when technology continues to get advanced and better, it may pleasantly surprise many to note that machines are getting closer to humans and they are performing duties that no one hitherto would be possible. In other words, machines and gadgets are being invented that can imitate the human functioning, for example in the human brain, eyes and so forth. But perhaps one of the latest inventions, that is a clear manifestation of humans getting even closer to humans, is a machine that has been made and which can imitate the human voice. The machine was invented as part of a completion, for the Artificial Conversational Entities, known as the ACE. Several machines that could imitate the human voice were entered for the competition and the winner was really awesome. During the competition, judges selected some of the five best machines and competed for five minutes, to get …

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Household Robots – They Are Not Responsible to Protect The Users’ Security and Privacy!

Nowadays, people are mostly depend on the household appliances, especially the household robots to perform the daily tasks, such as communication, entertainment and so on. However, they’re mostly ignored their own security and privacy, by key-in the confidential information into the household robots without further supervision. Believe it or not, some people or strangers would take the chance to stole our important personal details, by simply wireless remote the household robots from a distance! Tadayoshi Kohno, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at University of Washington said that a lot of attention has been paid to robots becoming more intelligent. Sometimes, it leads the household robots turning into the evil! He mentioned that some bad people might use the household robots to do bad things. Furthermore, he also identified the scenarios that a robot might physically harm its owner, when the hackers are controlling them. He believed that …

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The Powerful Brick Laying Robot

Some robotics developers have mentioned that the 21st century would be the “robotics century”, as the progression in robotics field is going to be faster and better than ever before. Honestly, robots are very common in our daily life. Go figure, you might see the petite Roomba moving and vacuuming through the house, or your children are playing with the electronic puppies/dinosaurs! A group of robotics research team from the Gantenbein Winery, in Flasch, Switzerland has been developed a prototype. They called the new prototype as the “Brick Laying Robot”. Normally, the main purpose of robot development is to replace the human workforce. However, it’s a little bit different for the Brick Laying Robot. It requires a person to create the wonderful designs and patterns of a precision. This means, the robot won’t be functioned, without the helping hands from human being! The Brick Laying Robot can be a very …

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The Insect-shaped Pole-climbing Robot

One day, you’re walking or driving down the street. Everything seems to be so boring and ordinary like any other days… Suddenly, your vision were being attracted and stumbled on a telephone pole! Holy crap, you cannot believe of what you’re seeing here, as there’s a big insect-shaped robot climbing on the telephone pole! You’re starting to freak off and get panic attacked, as you thought it’s some kind of robots invasion, just like the Terminator Salvation did! Ok, guys! Wake up and it’s time to back to the reality world. You’re thinking too much, as the robot you’ve seen climbing on the telephone pole is RiSE Version 3 prototype. For your information, the RiSE Version 3 climbing robot is one of the finest creations of Boston Dynamics and the University of Pennsylvania. The main purpose of the RiSE project is to build a bioinspired climbing robot, which is having …

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Future Robots Are Ready To Replace Human Beings

Robots are one of the greatest milestones in the field of science and technology. They are ready to replace human beings. They can even be a friend to you or a companion when you need someone. Japan is one of the birth place of most of the robots. In Japan people are trying to design a robot which can even show emotional reactions like fear, anger, sadness , disgust , happiness and even surprise. When you say a word like ‘war’ to the robot he immediately shows the emotion of fear and when you say love the robot smiles with its pink lips. What more do you expect a assembled metal and wires to do ? Future of robots is very wide and more sophisticated uses. There are researches going on to bring about a robot to monitor the farming. The robot would know the need of the plants and …

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Farm Robots

How about pressing a button to get the food for you or just order the robot to bring a coffee. Life is sophisticated now. We have robots for everything. One important field that is indispensable is farming. There are many evolutions and extinctions in various field but farming is the field that need to flourish always since it is one of the sources of food for human beings. How about even farming is sophisticated controlled by an intelligent robot. This would be one of the milestones not only in the field of farming but also in the field of robotics. There are researches going on in these topics to build a robot which can manage a field, water plants and manage its own requirements as well.

The Incredible Steel Melting Solar Mirror – You’re better watch out for your Backyard Trees!

Will you believe it; you actually can vaporize wood and even melt down the steel, by only focusing sunlight with mirrors? It sounds crazy to be true, but a few geniuses MIT students have successfully prove themselves and transform this idea into a reality. The main objective for this project is based on super-efficiency solar energy and environmental friendly concept. The steel-melting solar mirror is a 12-foot by 12-foot parabolic mirror, or you’re also can considered it as a solar concentrator; that is primarily made from the off-the-shelf metal framing which fitted the bent mirrors to enable the sunlight to be focused in a single point.