The Insect-shaped Pole-climbing Robot

One day, you’re walking or driving down the street. Everything seems to be so boring and ordinary like any other days… Suddenly, your vision were being attracted and stumbled on a telephone pole! Holy crap, you cannot believe of what you’re seeing here, as there’s a big insect-shaped robot climbing on the telephone pole! You’re starting to freak off and get panic attacked, as you thought it’s some kind of robots invasion, just like the Terminator Salvation did! Ok, guys! Wake up and it’s time to back to the reality world. You’re thinking too much, as the robot you’ve seen climbing on the telephone pole is RiSE Version 3 prototype. For your information, the RiSE Version 3 climbing robot is one of the finest creations of Boston Dynamics and the University of Pennsylvania. The main purpose of the RiSE project is to build a bioinspired climbing robot, which is having …

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The Spectacular SunCat Rechargeable Batteries with Solar Cells!

You’re very concern about the global warming matter? You want to do something to reduce the side effects of the global warming, but you didn’t know where you should start with? Well, in this case, you might want to have your starting point in the recycle with these SunCat rechargeable batteries! You must be wondered, “What’s the specialty of this batteries and why I should have it?” Honestly, the specialty about the batteries is you can do it with your bare hand (prototype). If you think that those rechargeable batteries are a little bit fuzzy and inconvenience, then you can make your very own “SunCat rechargeable batteries” with integrated solar cells surrounding all over the batteries. It’s very simple to create the “SunCat rechargeable batteries” . Firstly, you have to prepare two or more older NiMH rechargeable batteries. Next, you must glue the flexible Photo Voltaic (PV) cells onto the …

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Meet The World’s Smartest Snow Shovel!

For those of you that live in snowy climates, it will be a disaster every time when the winter is approaching, as you’ll need to shovel tons of snow off your driveway. Furthermore, spending hours shoveling under the cold and chilling weather is definitely the hardest and tortured moment… Well, with this smart snow shovel, your nightmare can be ended now! For your information, snow shovels, or also known as “i-shovel” is the world’s first autonomous robotic snow shovel. This i-shovel can detect the snow accumulation and cleans the driveway automatically. It has a built in computer to control the shoveling process and various sensors to figure out the perimeter.

The Easy Ways to Design a Better PCB!

Are you always looking for a better printed circuit board (PCB), but you’re failed to do it in most of time? Well, don’t waste your time anymore for the searching; instead, you can use the precious time to design a better PCB here! Before that, most of you have learned that PCB fab houses, such as advanced circuits, Batch PCB, PCB123 and other are quite hard job to do with. Hence, it’s not an easy task, as there are many ways for a fab house to mess it up! Moreover, fab houses tend to spend less time on prototypes than on production runs. To overcome the matter, you should try to design PCBs for manufacturability. The main goal of this project is to show you how to minimize the number if ways the fab houses can screw up a PCB! For avoiding yourself from mess up with the PCBs, you …

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