Embedded Electronics Technology in Aviation

Embedded electronics technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of human life.  Embedded technology has changed the modern home and business.  It makes a business run faster and safer, producing more outputs at lesser cost.  It can integrate various devices in your home like your PC, TV, VCR and DVD player to maximize your audio-visual entertainment. The Aviation Innovation The aviation industry has also benefited much from the emergence of embedded technology.  Early in September, the world’s quietest helicopter was unveiled in Germany by an EADS company, Eurocopter.  After many years of research, the company has been able to come out with a helicopter that utilizes embedded electronics technology.

Robotic Assistance for the Disabled

Embedded devices – particularly digital ones – that are specially designed to assist individuals with disabilities are often seen as the next step in that particular field of technology.  Such embedded devices generally have several advantages over the previous wave of embedded devices that have monitoring functions, control capabilities and the ability to access and use communication protocols like the internet.  The modern embedded applications devices do not stop at monitoring, tracking and relaying information; they almost always directly assist the user, such as in the form of a prosthetic limb or a personal transport assistance vehicle. Advancements in Embedded Devices Although research on embedded devices – especially  programmed computer systems designed to do a limited number of tasks – has been ongoing since the creation of the computer itself, great advances have only been achieved in recent years as a consequence of the developments in computing and computer chip-making …

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Embedded Electronics in Medicinal and Biological Sciences

Embedded medical and biological application refers to the use of technology and computers for observing certain events or generating a response when certain events occur. ‘Embedded’ points to the fact that such devices are either small or very passive, or both, such that the subjects of the observations are not continuously aware of it.

Embedded Electronics in Prosthetic Limbs

Advancement in embedded electronics has transformed the way people work, communicate and unwind. It has paved the way for the integration of home and office device networking so people can share, transfer and save data and information in rates that are faster than ever. It has also promoted safety, comfort and efficiency in aviation as well as in land and sea navigation. Embedded electronics, however, can also improve lifestyle and over-all well-being by providing new and better equipment to help people, especially those who are physically challenged. The DARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program is an ambitious effort of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (or DARPA). The main goal of the program is to help rehabilitate members of the armed forces who have been injured in the line of duty. It is a costly project that intends to develop an integrated, life-like prosthetic limb that can be controlled …

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