Give This Special Edge-Lit Holiday Cards to Your Loved Ones!

The Christmas is approaching by and have you prepared for it yet? For those that prefer to send the traditional X’mas greeting cards, instead of the online E-cards, you should spare a few hours for this sensational Edge-Lit Holiday Cards. If your friend always teasing you because of sending the old-fashioned analog X’mas Cards, this is the right time for you to blow them away with this DIY Edge-lit holiday cards. Although creating a glowing holiday card may not be the most economical for a mailing list of hundreds of people, but it’s one of a kind creation that remarkably cool and cheap DIY holiday creation. By simple taking an advantage of the properties of etched glass, you’ll be able to design greeting cards with glowing emblems on them! Well, you might need some sort of things to help you off in this project, such as LEDs, scraps of acrylic …

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DIY DOT Graffiti Painter

Do you love to spray your graffiti at public walls, but scared to be caught in red handed? Well, why don’t create a DIY DOT Graffiti Painter and enjoy the fun of spraying as you wish? Firstly, we need to have these following materials: 8 12vDC direct acting 1/4″BSP solenoid valves 3 inflatable wheelbarrow style wheels Z4 Nuclear / Biological / Chemical test set box A PIC 16F876A Start the project with building a spray bar and back axle. You need to mount the three inflatable wheelbarrow style wheels on it. Then, you need to make the spray bar adjustable up and down. After it, mount all of the eight solenoid valves on an old PCI blanking plate and hung it over the spray bar. Add the Z4 Nuclear / Biological / Chemical test set box to spice up the effect of the project. This tool features with a push …

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Show Your Talent by DIY a Sun Tracking Unit

Probably you saw Sun tracking system before; however do you have the urge to challenge yourself to make a Sun Tracking Unit? First of all, get a tiny .7″x1.4″ PC board using the LED3X sensor concept. This circuit uses power MOFSET drivers, which most any DC motor can be used without any modification. You might noticed that the power drivers are good enough of delivering about 50 amps of peak current or even more. The current will increase accordingly to the transistor. This mean the large power MOFSET, 72A when operated in low current, it will eliminates the needed for a heat sink on the transistor. Cool, isn’t it?