Fresh microcontroller projects from Cornell University ECE 4760

It’s a tradition each spring to keep checking for a new batch of microcontroller projects from Cornell University ECE 4760 class. And here they are – 31 new project with new ideas and designs. They are still using WinAVR/GCC programming tools for their projects. So it’s still good news for hobbies to search for code snippets, implementations. Among all projects you will find projects like portable automated web-based bird trapping mechanism, cool Rock-Paper-Scissors Sensor glove game or even human tracking fan system that should be useful in upcoming summer time. So take your time, and enjoy the great work collection.

New project batch from Cornell University ECE 4760

It’s been a regular tradition every spring to check out on what’s new in Cornell University ECE 4760 final microcontroller projects. This year isn’t an exception. It seems that they started a 2010 list on new great AVR ATmega644 projects. List is still building up but there already is a 20 project list with projects like Human Tetris, Glove Midi Controller, Talking Voltmeter and other. All projects are compiled with WinAVR/GCC tools – so everyone can take a glance and give a try. It’s a great list of projects starting from 1999 so there are tons of great interfacing examples, code snippets and even ideas for your new project. Keep eye on that lists as there are more to come (it always reaches about 40). Way to go ECE 4760!

Setup AVR Eclipse plugin to work with WinAVR

Probably many of you (including me) are using Programmers Notepad or AVR Studio to set up AVR projects. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. For instance Programmers Notepad is great GUI, but there are lots of manual routines required to start compiling project – like setting up makefile, creating file dependencies, etc. AVR Studio is a great solution which generates makefiles automatically, and it has great simulator for immediate debugging. So why would we need another IDE? Actually Eclipse IDE is one of the best open source tools hat is widely used by programmers – so it is optimized for managing projects, code writing with auto-complete functionality. So why not to give a try for it. So lets set up Eclipse environment to work with AVR. Firs of all lets download Eclipse from site. Choose Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers as we want program AVR in C. Open …

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