The Rise of the Machines: How Will AI Integrate With Our Work Lives?

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest buzzwords in science right now. It’s hitting the headlines frequently, due to the massive leaps in progress being made. The story which grabbed the most attention was the DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI defeating a three time European Go champion in emphatic fashion – and then doing the same for the number 1 ranked player in the world. To put this into context: Go is one the most difficult games in the world, and is significantly harder to master than chess. It has a vast range of decision trees and possible outcomes, which makes it extremely difficult to predict, meaning players have to think on their feet and strategise as much as possible. This has people excited because if AI utilizing neural networks can master one of the most complicated games on the planet, its application within the world of work could be massive.

Future of Artificial Intelligence; Its Implementations and Limits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science which uses mechanical and computational processes to echo almost all aspects of human intelligence. AI can perform multiple functions: sensory interaction with the environment and the ability to make decisions about events that aren’t happened yet without any human assistance whatsoever. Targeted advertising and virtual agents that recognize the patterns of your behavior are much standard in today’s online undertakings. Artificial Intelligence is used by business enterprises in data analysis algorithms which have the highest advantage of analyzing the Big Data, and it also involves customer engaging techniques. Apart from IBM which developed some of the earliest functions of AI, Google and Facebook are also using AI for the analytic purpose of the massive amount of data they receive.

What artificial intelligence can do these days?

Artificial Intelligence is part of computer science program which deals in making machines behave and perform operations which a human being can perform. People have been trying to make machines behave like human for a very long time and today with the help of advanced computing people are able to achieve it. Artificial Intelligence in short is termed as AI. There are various departments where Artificial Intelligence can be extensively used. Out of all departments defense is one area where artificial department has been widely used. Gaming is another department where artificial intelligence is getting used. Gaming is a very popular among youngsters and when these machines starts responding to human being’s request people get more exited. There is both advantage and disadvantage in Artificial Intelligence. One of the great advantages is that by using artificial intelligence technology we can make machines perform human being activities thus minimizing human labor. …

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Neural networks and artificial intelligence in robotics

When talking about artificial intelligence(AI) many people think that neural nets should be as intelligent as human brain. Some people don’t even imagine how widely they are used in their life. Lets narrow us to something more simple and understandable. The most exiting usage of AI is robotics. Today isn’t very hard to build simple robot with few sensors and couple motors. But harder part is to make it react to real world as you expect to be. Usually when programming robot brain usually there is checking sensor states and reacting on particular circumstances like hitting the wall, line on the ground and so on. But more sensors robot has more complex reactions may be. Programming of more complex systems may be pain without using simple neural networks.