3D Printing Technologies

3D printing is used to come up with three dimensional objects and is a form of additive manufacturing. It is now easier and more affordable to come up with a prototype using the 3D technology. Before these technologies were introduced, it used to take several hours, skilled labor and tools to create a prototype. One form of 3D printing technology is made up of inkjet printing systems. Fine powder layers made of resins, corn starch or plaster is bonded selectively on adhesives produced by the inkjet print heads. This kind of technology makes it possible to print a full color prototype and is considered to be one of the fastest methods.

3-D Printing in Glass

Glass sculpture or studio glass is always referred as the modern use of glass as an artistic medium to produce sculptures. Based on the ancient history, the glassware has been developed in Egypt and Assyria since 5,000 years ago. Murano is best known as the birthplace of modern glass art. Normally, the main purpose of glass objects created is to make a sculptural or decorative statement. The prices of fine glass sculpture are ranging from a few bucks to tens of thousands of dollars! A team of engineers and artists working from the University of Washingtons’s Solheim Rapid Manufacturing Laboratory has found the way to create glass objects, by using a conventional 3-D printer. The research team is giving the project name as “The Vitraglyphic Process”, which is a follow-up to the Solheim’s Laboratory success last spring printing with ceramics! Mr. Mark Ganter, a UW professor of mechanical engineering and …

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The Creative VUW Students Develop Innovative 3D Printers

Are you already bored with your plain and ordinary printer, and would like to have some changes on it? Well, then you must hang out and discover how the creative VUW students managed to develop the innovative 3D printers, which it’s bring more excitement and spice up your life. The genius senior Victoria University of Wellington Design students have successfully created the 3D printers in just three weeks! The main goal for this design is to develop a “green” 3D printer in less than 4 weeks with only limited budget. A group of creative students practicing the “3R” concept and had applied it into the new 3D printers design. Below here are some of the unique and eco-friendly 3D printer’s prototypes: Stack The students have cleverly used the waste paper from generated by a bank and a ‘steampunk’ sewing machine. They used the smart concept to create layered forms, which …

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