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Sine, square and triangle signal generator
Simple thermocouple amplifier
Automatic darkroom timer for PCB exposure box
Make high quality PCBs at home by using photo etching method
Small and simple electromagnetic field strength indicator
DUBwise–Digital UFO broadcasting with intelligent service equipment
DIY skype contact signalizer with picture frames
iC Hexapod Will Simply Amaze You
A Truly Unbeatable DIY MIDI Controller
Spectacular Solar Powered Robotic Mobiles
Portable Audio Ping Pong
Stylish wind-powered wifi AP repeater
100Watt Guitar Amplifier Circuit
Cheap Rain Detector Sensor
Easy to Assemble Laser Display
Voltage references in embedded design
Hand Powered Shake LED Flashlight
Speakers to Rock you
Enjoy Your Breakfast with Reflow
Space Explorer Smart Taurus 2
Your Plants Won’t Get Thirst Anymore
LED lamps will replace light bulbs in near future
Unbelievable Dynamic Tiled Display Puzzlemation
Get Yourself Robot Drummer Now
AVR ATtiny25 USB Physical Hit Counter
Linux Ubuntu Style PIC Development
Mow Time is Fun Time
Let’s Start The Funky Party with Emergency Party Button
Robotic Suit – The Ultimate Outfit for Super-Soldier
Spectacular One Man Show of “Rocket Man”
Cute Scroller 7x5 LEDs on Mini Attiny2313
Make It Easy–Green Laser Projector
11 Useful Tricks For ‘508A You Must Know
Outstanding Combination of Fan Regulator and Voltage Monitor
Safety Protection Guides and Fact about Microcontroller You Should Know
Counting Lightning Should Be Fun in Dark
No More Strays Cat Disturbing with The Pet Porte System
MIDI Glockenspiel – It’s Time to Show Your Music Talent
GEN H-4 – World Smallest Helicopter Turned da Vinci Inspiration Become Reality
Eco-Friendly and CO2 Free – CallABike Concept
DIY Auto Remote Electonic Gates
Turn Your Astronomy Observation into Fun Activity
The Evolution History of Walking Robots
New and improved Eagle CAD software version 5.0
Circuit providing constant current to LEDs
SIGGRAPH – The Interactive 360 Degree Light Field Display
ECG Can Be Your Life Savor at Home
Get Fascinated with This Dazzling RGB Mirror
Enhance the SRF Dash with Digital Tachometer
Get Excited with This New YBox2 Kit
Dark Seeker - TV-to-Scope Converter
Implement a touch-switch decoder with no external components
Solid state oscilloscope
Landing Radio Altimeter – The Essential Tool for Small Aircraft
Begin Your Colorful Journey with RGB LED
It’s SwissFlow FlowSensor, Not a Swiss Roll!
No Hassle with This 3 Wires Interface for LCD Display
Challenge Yourself By Building a AM Voive Transmitter Radio
ELV Dummy Load Will Be the Best “Guinea Pig” for Power Supply Testing
Simple Guide for Making the Electric Circuit Board
Behold For This Wave Vessel
Spice up Your Home Party with Discrete LED Color Organ
Feel the Colorful World with LED Painter PCB
DIY Reflow Toaster at Your Home (Be Careful Not to Blow it!)
Turn Your Ball Pen into a Small Pen Solder Dispenser
This Multipurpose “Third Hand” Will be Your Good Assistant
Gear Indicator – A Most Demand Tool for the Racing Games Lovers
Double the Fun with This USB Controller/Display
Laser Spirograph – the combination of the Past and Beyond
Build a powerful bi-directional 2.4 GHz amplifier for less than $100
LED Matrix – The Shining Electronic Sign Board that You Can’t Even Resist
The Old-Fashioned Nixie Clock Can Be Stylish Too
DIY Sound Card – Is Time For You to Blast Off The Music
The Good Helper for Pressure Sensor – DIY Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR)
Eliminate the Hassle by This Plug-in Breadboard Power Supply
The Incredible Steel Melting Solar Mirror – You’re better watch out for your Backyard Trees!
Opto Isolator v1.0 – The Best Signal Passing Tool
Mind to Have A LED Dining Table at Your Home?
Feel the Sparkling Moment with the HDD Grinder
Charlieplexing – It’s a Cylon-eyes and Not Related with Charlie Angels!
Auroramixer – Even You Can Turn Into a Cool and Funky DJ Mixer
DIY Class A MOSFET Headphone Amplifier Can’t Even Be Easy Than Before!
The Easy and Hassle Free DPLC Programmable Controller
The Easy Guide For Writing Yourself an IC Friday Post
DIY an USB Audio DAC and Leave More Green Cow in Your Wallet!
The Unbelievable Magnetic Rotary Encoder v1.0
The Three Mighty Combo – Bluetooth, GPS and Action Script
The Very Cool 1-Wire Barometer
DS1803 Digital Potentiometer – The Great Variable Resistor
Stepper Motor Driver v2a – Better Improvement and Performance than Before!
The Creative AA Battery Powered Cell Phone – Your Cell Phone will Have Longer Life Time!
The Ultrasonic Bat Detector Can Be Really Loud and Awesome!
Challenge Yourself with This High Power 24V DC DC Converter!
The Cute Little Mouse pointer
The Amazing Fabrica Touch Will Bring Joys to Your Life!
Track Your Sleep Cycles with This Spectacular Sleep Tracker!
The Fascinating Transistor-transistor Logic (TTL) Clock!
The Full and Detailed AC Motor Theory
Getting to Know the Influx Better!
The Ways to Hack and Salvage The iPod Video LCD!
This Oven is Not For Heating Foods!
Get To Know The Functions of Radio Controlled Servo Signal Decorder Better
Dealing With Wireless Freeform Input Device Would Be a Real Fun!
DIY a Simple and Cool Infrared Receiver By Your Own!
The Superior Electrical Waveforms Generator – FunGen v2 Kit
Learn and Understand The HSETI PCB Parts!
The Cute and Smart SIM Reader
Use The USB interface to Control Stepping Motor!
DIY a 100 Watts Audio Amplifier is as Easy as ABC!
The Superior RS485 to RS232 Converter
This High Voltage Flyback Transformer Driver is Remarkable!
Let’s Meet Buck Mode Switching Regulator for Solar Applications!
It is a USB Audio Streamer Not a Steamer!
Let’s Create a World’s Smallest Electronic Shocker!
The Smartest and Challenging Flavio Plugs Power Sockets You Have Ever Seen!
The XBee Radios Will Bring Some Fun into Your Life!
You Will Love This USB 8bit Interface Board!
Best Way on How to Trigger the Camera’s Flash!
The Unbelievable Electronic Temperature-Controlled Relay
This UV Exposure Light Box Will Make You Like a Secret Agent!
The World’s Largest and Most Incredible Energy Particle Accelerator – CERN Large Hadron Collider!
The Great RFID Reader Detector and Tilt-Sensitive RFID Tag
The Palm-Sized DIY Headphone Amplifier
The Magnificent LED Hard Drive Clock
The Bus Pirate/Universal Serial Interface!
An inside and outside of an electric car
Turing machine-LEGO Pseudo
DIY The Drumming Robot by Yourself!
The Outstanding LUTEC Engine
DIY The Powerful CNC Controller is Possible For Everyone!
This Drum Machine Will Rock You Down!
Unveil the Mystery Part Of Coil Gun
Have Some Real Fun with This Phono Preamp Kit!
This Ultimate Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up On Time!
Keep Your Privacy Safely with Tor Privacy Adapter!
This Giant LED Lamp Will Definitely Light Up Your House!
Blinker – The Cool Automatic Turn Signal Control
The Outstanding AVR based SCSI RAM Disk
DIY Your Own LED Light Grow Box Today!
Enjoy Your Favorite Music with This iPod Speaker!
This is Walter 1.1, Not Wall-E!
The Simple to Operate High Frequency Start Box
Make Your Own Heat Sink Today!
Convert The HP DraftMaster RX Pen Plotter Into a Vinyl Cutter!
The Proper Ways to Create Passive MIDI Footswitch
The Fascinate E-Field Serial Touch Pad!
The Universal Cell Phone Chargers Are On The Way to Your Doorstep!
The Gigantic Super Class-A Amplifier!
Feel The Different With The Awesome VHS Video Toaster
The Smart and Easy-to-use AudioTron Editor
The Unbelievably Useful Universal RC5/RC6 Transceiver
The RC Servo Motor Controller: oServo Object!
The High Tech Infrared and Ultrasonic Scanner
The Well-Designed Solar PV Tracker
The Unbelievable Xbee 900 rf
The Spectacular Lego Color Sensor
The Simplest Ways to Fix a LED Signboard
Desktop Energy Seed Lamp – A Green Energy Saver!
The Nintendo in a Toaster!
Control The Brightness of Light By Just a Touch!
DIY Your Own Stepper Controller from Old and Recycled Materials!
The Removable Antenna On WRTSL54GS
The Ways to Upgrade Your Sonicator without Costing Too Much Money!
Spider Fire CREE LED Torch – The Powerful LED Flashlight That You Have Ever Seen!
Get Ready, 3, 2, 1 and Teleprompter On!
Micro Spy Remote – The Smart Gadgets to Keep Your Eyes On!
It’s Time to Cool Down Your Electronics!
Milk Bottle LED Lights are Unbelievably Romantic!
The Extremely Simple Stickytape Sensor
Lithium-Ion Battery Power Tester
The Bizarre Pedal Gun Shooter!
Doorbell Phone – The Beautiful Combination of Past and Present!
The Stylish Acrylic Blue LED Guitar
Dog-o-Matic - The World’s First Dog Washing Machine!
The 5KV Defibrillator Capacitor Soda Cans Crusher
The Brilliant RGM-3550LP GPS Module
NTT DoCoMo: The Future Wearable Computing Gadgets!
Stereo Tube Amp – Build is On Your Own Risk!
The Matches Box-sized Current Regulated LED Tester
The Simple Music Light Show Will Light Up Our Life!
Riversimple Urban Cars are ready to Rock on the Roads!
CaTaLOG – The Smart RFID Cat Tracker
The Dream Table for All Electronic Gadgets Lovers!
Laser Pointer is The Must Have Gadgets for Everyone!
Steampunk Telegraph Lights Will Spark Up Your Lawn in the Dark!
The Cool Thermometer LM35 with LCD Screen!
The Incredible Stereo Microphone in an MSI Wind!
The Easy-to-build Electronic Stethoscope
The Environment Friendly Green Graduation Cap
Monkeyelectric LED Lightning Bike – The Outstanding Way to Show off Yourself!
DIY a Simple Solar USB Charger Today!
The Green Energy Meter Will Help You to Measure The Household Appliances Electricity Consumption!
The Systematic 8x8 LED Matrix
Archie Robot – Is it the Best Helper to Assist you in the Daily Tasks?
Lunar Lander – The Amazing Game that Full with Surprises!
The Simple Electronic Lock with Key Generic 125KHz RFID Tag Reader
Greenbox – The Environmental Friendly Phone Charger Station
The Proper Ways to Modify the Eee PC into a Stylish Digital Picture Frame!
The Coolest USB Cigar Flash Memory
The Motors and Microcontrollers 101 that We Should All Know!
TDA2050 Hi-Fi Chip Amplifier – The Mini Gainclone
Atari Punk Console – The Marvelous Sound Synthesizer
DIY a Resistor Reference Card is a Piece of Cake!
The Amazing TV-B-Gone Kit is ready to Give You a Break!
DIY Your Very Own Soundbooth
DIY Moment – The Fun Arduino Drum Machine
The Unexpected Joke – Electronic Whoopie Cushion Deux
Gentle Safe Cracker – The Ultimate Device to Crack Your Safe Box!
The Spooky Magic Mirror
Unbelievably Cheap $5 Mini USB Fridge
Keep Your Server in a Closet!
LED Replacement Fluorescent Tube – A Wonderful DIY Project!
The Magical Self-Potrait Machine
The Best Way to Build Your Own Servo Control Circuit
iDoor – The iPhone Controlled Hydraulic Dorm Room Door
The Tiniest Medical Robots
The Superb iButton
The Effective Way on How to Use the Standard P4 ATX to Connect with 14pin Compaq PSU
The Fabulous DIY Regenerative Radio
Muon Detector – The Ultimate Cosmic Ray Detector!
Tennis for Two – Would You Mind to Join Us?
CIR-II – The Multipurpose PC to IR Interface
The Brilliant DIY Space Heater for Everyone!
The Creepy Skull Lithophane Art!
Tazer Glove – You Don’t Need MacGyver with this Amazing Glove!
Making an Ethernet Splitter in the Simplest Ways!
The Easiest Way on How to turn a telephoto lens into a Telescope!
A New Life To Old Flash Drives
The Effective Methods to Hand-solder a PowerPad IC
The Easiest Ways to Repair a Broken Ethernet Plug
LED Tube Light – The Best Option to Save More Energy!
The Adjustable Lego Lamp with Counterweight System
The MS8910 Smart Tweezer
JAN6418 Valve Preamplifier – The Amazing Headphone Amp Kit
The Spectacular DIY Joystick with Fire Button
DIY an Emergency Lamp out of a Barricade Light!
The Larson Scanner Kit – A Fantastic Jack-O’-lantern Scanner
The Marvelous 0 ~ 100oC Electronic Temperature-Controlled Relay
Tweet-a-watt – The Greener Gadgets for Everyone
Amazing LiPoly Charger with MCP73833
Wifi Toy Truck Robot
Quickdev16 – The Powerful Developer Cartridge for the Super Nintendo
Simple logic analyzer for hobbyists
LED lamps that dance with the music
New Eagle3D released
Add button cell to a breadboard project
Dynamic pencil balancer
DIY Solid State Relay
EEPROM animation box
Smart resistor colour wheel
Measuring current with microcontroller
Transistor based FM bug in mint box
Home made solder masking with Kapton tape
Inside Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Generating complex sound waves on PC
Reading and understanding datasheets
uPOV – now with an accelerometer
Amicus – Arduino like PIC board
Easy vector graphics in Eagle with Illustrator
LEDComm: Bidirectional Communications using LEDs
Two way opto-isolators using ONLY LEDs
MSP-EXP430FR5739 board have just arrived
Free online circuit draw
ScienceProg Link Dump -07/26/2011
Running multiple FreeRTOS tasks on AVR
New STM32F103ZET6 development board with 3.2" TFT Touch LCD
Adding DAC to Arduino or any other microcontroller
Transistor based class AB amplifier
FreeRTOS on AVR with external RAM
Have you seen RGB seven segment LED display?
LED blinky demo on STM32F103ZET6 development board
Driving LEDs with LPC2148 microcontroller
Implementing buttons on STM32F103ZET6
Interrupt based button read on STM32F103ZET6 board
Connecting STM32 USART to standard I/O streams in GCC
Driving Graphical LCD with STM32F103ZET6
Multivibrator – back to basics
FreeRTOS on STM32
Modeling of analog part for DDS3 signal generator
AVR GCC LCD library allows connecting pins in any order
IR remote control extender
Avoid smoke with power protection circuit
OpenHardware RAM module for embedded projects
ECE4760 Spring 2012 projects are here
Harvesting energy with home made solar thermal collector
Project demo on STM32F103RBT6 using GCC
Flashing programs to STM32. Embedded Bootloader
Adding self power down functionality to your devices
Microcontroller based apps for android mobile phones
Flashing STM32 using J-Flash ARM
Downloading binaries using STM32 ST-Link Utility
12V solar charger using LM317
AVR DDS3 boards have arrived
AVR DDS3 first tests
Hand written equation conversion to LaTex and MathML
Ground fills and polygons – how to do this right in eagle
Right hand for electronics designers – pcb calculator
Using SVN for embedded projects. Part 1.
Setting up Eclipse to work with GNU ARM plug-in. Part 1.
Setting up Eclipse to work with GNU ARM plug-in. Part 2.


  1. I scrubbed Atmega8 package to expose what’s inside the DIP.

  2. This is simple animation (Click on it to see it) demonstrating how simple shift register works. There is a clock signal used to clock the register (rising edge) and manual switch used to push data to register. LED bar indicates how data is shifting.

  3. This UV PCB exposure was built from flat-bet scanner and three 8W UV light tubes. Exposure time is about 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

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