Print toner traces directly on PCB

Well this sound amazing and scary. Everyone knows that printer toner usually is transferred with special glossy paper and iron, but printing directly… anyway fact is that it is possible and gives amazing results. Author claims and proves that he was able to print 2mill traces what means four traces between two DIP pins. There isn’t any information about how it’s done as other people claim that printers modified as flat doesn’t give even close results. Take a look for more photos in gallery.

The Proper Ways to Prepare The Eagle Designs For Manufacture

You have to prepare many multi-platform eagle designs for manufacture, but you have no ideas what to do about it? Well, there are many ways to turn an eagle design into an actual PCB. One of the best ways is to save the eagle designs as industry-standard gerber files, where you can use the gerbers files to order a single prototype or in a full panel. For your information, the toner transfer is the favorite choice of beginners to make a PCB, as the total investment in materials is minimal comparing with other methods. Most of the PCBs are made with the photo-resist process, since the photo process makes nice boards, but it requires a bit of equipments. While some of the board manufactures, such as the olimex, can be used to make PCBs directly from eagle .brd files. Olimex requires a minimum order of one eurocard-sized PCB (100mmx160mm). Here’s …

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PCB etcher with aquarium pump and heater

Probably you have read about our PCB etcher on our site. We planed to make it fully automatic with heater, bubble machine and thermostat. But fact is that it wasn’t finished. But we are actively using it with aquarium heater only and manual mixing :). If you are looking for something similar that has a bubble machine installed you should see YourITronics brand new PCB etcher with aquarium pump and heater. They use a bubble machine that speeds up etching process and you don’t have to mix solution. The tank is made of plexiglas and holds 1.5L of liquid. All together with pump, heater and other materials etcher costed about $41 – this is much cheaper than buying from store. This tool is a must have along with UV exposure unit.

Make high quality PCBs at home by using photo etching method

If you are just starting in electronics this nice tutorial may save you tons of time. Yourtronics prepared a nice tutorial on how to make good quality PCB by using Photo Etching Method where board image is transferred during UV exposure. For this you will need an Ink-Jet printer for printing mask on transparent film, UV exposure box which can be made at home, several chemicals (Developer, Ferric Chloride, and Acetone).

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Easy to follow guide on making PCB by using photo etching method

Still struggling with various PCB making technologies and cannot do it right, you should try Photo Etching method which is becoming more and more common among radio amateurs. All materials needed are easily accessed. Probably the hardest part is to obtain UV light source. But you can find tons of sources on the internet how to build one.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Technologies

The term circuit technology usually refers to the various techniques that used in the manufacture of electrical circuits. A large number of devices that are used today make use of printed circuit boards (PCBs). These devices provide a mechanical support for the various components present within the given device and also, the electrical connections between the components. The electrical connections present on the PCB are made out of copper sheets that are laminated on a non-conducting material. Initially a large copper sheet is laminated on the board and then the sections that are not required are removed. Various techniques are used for removal of unwanted copper. Some of them are: Silk Screen Printing: In this technique, an etching resistant ink is applied on those areas that are required and the remaining part is etched off. Photoengraving: Here a photo mask of the circuit required is prepared using desired software and …

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