DIRECTV, Streaming Services and Internet Providers – 9 Easy Ways to Save Money

Today, the internet is one of our main forms of entertainment, with games, quizzes, TV shows, movies, and much more content available online for us to enjoy. But, TV and internet can quickly become very costly, so if you’re getting set up to go online in your new home or are switching your TV provider, internet company or both, saving money is probably going to be one of your top priorities. We’ve listed some of the best ways to save money on your television and internet. TV and Internet Bundles: One of the best ways to save money on your TV and internet is to get a bundled package, for example, this one available from When you purchase a package deal, you can usually find some exclusive special offers, for example, you could enjoy limited free access to premium channels, catch up TV, and more. DIRECTV, for example, offers …

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Airbus and the Realization of Bionic Design

Five years ago, no one could have predicted the impact that slime mold would have on the air travel industry. This was when the idea for a bionic-design partition for the Airbus first came to the forefront. Engineering designers at Airbus took advantage of 3D printing and generative design software to create the bionic partition for its Concept Cabin. The partition is the only thing that separates passengers from the flight crew. Airbus’ new lightweight design allows greater access for emergency personnel to bring in stretchers. The ability to neatly tuck the partition out of the way means that medics can get sick or injured people off the plane in a hurry. At a weight of 66 pounds, the partition serves as a fold-down chair for the flight crew during take-offs and landings. As impressive as all of this is, what has truly caught the attention of the flying public …

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8 Reasons Why EVs are the Future of Transportation

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming a leader in the automotive industry. With increasing concerns about pollution levels worldwide, and the rise and fall of gas prices, taking a greener approach to our transportation is the clear solution. If you’re intrigued by an ultra low cost, low emissions answer to our gas-guzzling vehicles, you’ll want to check out the below infographic created by Auto Loan Solutions. This informative and interesting infographic demonstrates the revolution of EVs, and how this evolved from a trend to a reality. This infographic proves that concerns about the reliability or power of these vehicles have no basis. By 2040, EVs will make up 35% of new car sales. As well, EV charging stations are becoming as readily available as gas stations – currently surpassing that of gas stations in Japan.

When there is (not) enough of screen resolution on your device?

We are facing lots of screens and displays today starting with computer monitors, TVs and smart phones and ending with more sophisticated virtual reality (VR) displays like Oculus Rift. Most of them already use high resolution displays. For instance, Ultra HD 4k displays are becoming more and more available. But what does this mean and is this enough or too much? There are many tests and debates running about proper screen resolution when you have good picture quality and not wasting money for numbers only. This is not what are we are going to discuss. Everyone has to find their own optimal solution. Why not to do this rationally instead of chasing numbers. Fig. 1 Screen door effect From practical side, resolution alone doesn’t have significant meaning when choosing screen. You could take other two parameters in account – distance from screen and screen size. All those parameters goes along …

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Capacitors Embracing the Green Revolution

One of the pressing concerns of our age is environmental crisis. With the progressing technological evolution, the need for energy conservation and harvesting has increased. Harvesting energy is not an easy task, and most of the time, generating energy creates pollution in the environment. To deal with it, the international community has changed its approach so that it is now focused on identifying the areas where energy is being wasted and rectifying those issues instead of producing more energy. The low power factor is one of those aforementioned issues. Power factor is a measure of lag in current with respect to voltage. Its value varies from zero to one.  This lag creates a component of electrical power that is not being used and keeps oscillating between generation and consumer ends. This circulation of power dissipates energy in the form of heat and also creates extra load on the generation end. …

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Thermoelectric effect and modules

thermoelectric cooler

Thermoelectric devices are seen very often in various appliances. Small refrigerators, semiconductor chip coolers, medical chillers. Thermoelectric effect works in both directions – it can generate temperature difference when current flows or it can generate current when temperature difference is applied. About thermoelectric effect It is known for more than 100 years. There are several scientists who discovered this effect in one or another way. Probably you’ve heard Peltier effect. Jean Charles Athanase Peltier discovered that if you apply electrical current to junction of two materials it gets cold or hot (depending on current direction).

Fractal antenna technology

A Fractal receiver is a receiver that can be damaged up into lesser parts. Fractal just means a part of, so in this scenario they are referring to a receiver that can have feelers added or aloof. By liability the Fractal receiver is next a notion called the self-similarity expect module. This typically means that you can detach or add in peer parts. If you ever took a lobby in Fractal Geometry, you’d learn the mathematical reasoning behind this. The mathematics behind this stunt is governed by the Mandelbrot Set. Benoit Mandelbrot is the father of fresh day Fractal Geometry. These antennas activate by elate out rare electromagnetic signals that face a certain zone or size depending on how many Fractals the receiver itself has. Fractal Antennas aren’t outsized or awkward by any way. In detail they are very small and have legal world application in cellular phones or microwave …

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