MoleExpert micro software

The MoleExpert software is a product is based on experiences of many years with the automated analysis of pigmented skin lesions. Important requirement with this software project was the usefulness of the software with most different photograph systems. Qualitatively high-quality, evenly and well illuminated top illumination-microscopic pictures of the lesions is the most important condition for the operability of this software. MoleExpert micro was developed for the support of the diagnostic identification. The system spends no diagnosis for this reason, but supplies as results of measurement data to asymmetry, for the delimitation of the lesion, to the color and to the size. These parameters of the ABCD rule are recognized for some years as important dermatoscopic parameters. According to a special algorithm adapted on the image analysis the four ABCD values are combined into a total core, which can take values between zero to unify. With lesions with high Score, …

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Recognizing skin cancer symptoms using model based imaging

When quality skin model is constructed – recognizing skin cancer symptoms can be easier as there are many factors indicating about threat of skin cancer. Of course this can’t give 100% results, as there are many shortcomings connected with skin lesion variety and interpretation errors. But some guides may help. There are 3 main factors that can indicate risk of skin cancer. Recognizing skin cancer symptoms can be based on them. They are: Melanin presence in papillary dermis; Thickness of papillary dermis; Blood behavior around the lesion and inside it. Firs of all Melanin presence in dermis. This is the main factor in recognizing skin cancer symptoms. If there is melanin spread in papillary dermis or even dermis, this is a big probability of being skin cancer symptoms, but not always. There are several sub factors in this issue like melanin spreading figure, depth, and melanin density within this shape. …

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SkinSeg – segmentation of melanoma

SkinSeg is simple tool used for skin lesion segmentation. This little program was developed by Intelligent Systems laboratory students: L. Xu, M. Jackowski, A. Goshtasby, C. Yu, D. Roseman, S. Bines, A. Dhawan, A. Huntley. Their method is working similar as in my earlier experiment with matlab pigmented lesion boundary tracing algorithm. First image is converted to intensity image and then the lesion edges are detected. ant test results: More informative description you can find here Program can be downloaded from here:  This version of the Skin Cancer Segmentation program (skinseg) runs on the Windows 95/NT platforms. Make sure all files reside in the same directory after extraction. No setup program is required to install skinseg on your machine. To run, execute the program skinseg.exe.

DullRazor – digital skin hair shaver

DullRasor uses image processing techniques to analyze and segments skin areas with dark hair. This program removes dark hairs form images, and makes skin lesion images clean to further processing.    Many skin images contain various numbers of hairs. Other skin segmentation programs may mislead because of hairs – especially dark ones. One solution can be shaving skin before taking pictures of it. But shaving of skin adds more time to processing and this is uncomfortable and in some cases unaesthetic.  Hence, a software approach for dark thick hair removal from skin images is needed.

Skin Cancer causing factors

Substance Where this can be found How to avoid Arsenic Pesticides, wood preservatives, alloy additive non ferrous metals. Use protective clothing when working with arsenic substances Creosote Wood preservative Use protective clothing when working with  creosote substances Ionizing radiation Ionizing radiation are certain industrial sterilization sources Limit exposure if possible. Wear a dosimeter while working with radiation. Sunlight Summer, and when on sun holiday. Avoid strong sunlight, especially at midday. Wear protective clothing to protect your skin. Cover exposed skin with sunscreen of factor 15 or higher. Tar Coal tar Use protective clothing Gluteraldehyde Gluteraldehyde is used as a disinfectant. It is also can be found in X-ray films. Use protective clothing when dealing with gluteraldehyde. Work only in well ventilated areas. Soot Black particles of carbon, produced by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels Use protective clothing Pitch It is made by the destructive distillation of …

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Healthy skin reflectance model

This pilot study is intended to investigate possibilities of skin nevus imaging using digital still image camera. The main objective is to develop method of dermatology images interpretation, which enables the looking on the skin lesions and nevus from the optical background of skin coloration. Kubelka-Munk calculation method for light transport and reflection from multilayered complex media is applied in modeling of light reflection spectra of skin. Calculation of model shows that red, green, blue and infrared colors lighting is satisfactory to access distribution of comparative estimates of the following skin parameters: volume fraction of melanin in epidermal layer, volume fraction of hemoglobin in dermal layer, presence of dermal melanin and thickness of papillary layer. Performance of image processing method on fourteen samples of images of common melanocytic nevi, dysphasic melanocytic nevi, Spitz nevus, thrombotic hemangioma and surrounding healthy skin were made. Skin spectral properties Understanding how light interacts with …

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