Turn Vibrations In To Electricity

With the current talk about global warming, and the impact of carbon emissions on our planet, focus is now shifting to green energy, and wind electricity has reigned supreme in this regard. People, organizations, and even governments are investing heavily in coming up with wind turbines to generate the much needed electricity. However, traditionally wind energy has been associated with huge installation costs, expensive turbines, and so forth. In this regard, researchers have come up with the less expensive Vibro wind set up, which uses less space, is not as expensive, and produces much electricity.

These Vibro wind panels will work like the solar panels do, where they will be fitted on top of buildings, where they will not only generate electricity, but will also convert even minor wind breezes. Unlike windmills and turbines that need plenty of space for them to be installed, the Vibro wind panels will herald a new dawn, where smaller and equally effective wind set ups will be used. It is worth noting that this project is being done in conjunction with engineers and architects, to ensure that it does not flop. This is also meant to ensure that the mechanical energy is easily converted to electrical energy. Conversion of the mechanical energy to electrical energy is being made possible by using a piezoelectric transducer. Continue reading

Simple ways to save energy

Energy is a central economic factor for any country and especially for any household in any nation.  Governments consider energy both as an economic impulsion and also as a political factor that can generate the much needed votes for any major election – consider the election of Barrack Obama, the United States President. However, while these governments seek more energy not all of them, in fact a few, consider Ways to save energy. That has always been left to the homeowners and business holders who have more to loose in terms of money if they don’t device simple time tested ways to save energy. It is for such that the simple ways to save energy is given because as earlier said they have more to loose.

Monitor the meter

They say that it is important to know your enemy before you set out to fight him; the same applies for the energy input devices in your home or business. You need to understand the amount of energy that your home or business uses per month.  This will offer you a valuable indicator of how much used and therefore how much can be saved per month. Moreover, it will be important to do a walking around to ascertain the important places and points where energy saving can be done. Continue reading

Beware of the Batteries That You Use!

Have you ever noticed that the batteries are becoming smaller and smaller day after day? Many scientists and researchers have been finding the effective way to shrink the batteries into the smallest size as possible!

In this case, Jae Kwon, an assistant professor of Electrical and computer engineering has recently developed a nuclear energy source, which is smaller, lighter and more efficient than the common batteries.

Kwon’s described that the new discovered radioisotope battery can provide power density as much as six orders of magnitude higher than chemical batteries.

nuclear battery

Kwon and his research team members have been cooperated and working on building a small nuclear battery. According to the information, the radioisotope batteries are having the size and thickness of a penny, but it’s powerful enough to power various micro or nanoelectromechanical systems.

Even though the nuclear power sources have always been a safety concern, they’ve claimed to be safe, as the nuclear power sources have been used for powering many types of devices, including the pace-makers, space satellites and underwater systems.

Kwon’s battery is in a liquid semiconductor rather than a solid semiconductor, as he believed that the liquid semiconductor can overcome the problem, where the lattice structure of the semiconductor being damaged, if it’s in the solid semiconductor form! [elektor.com]

Microfluidic Fuel Cells – The New Power Source for Portable Electronic Devices

Our world is now fulfilling with many portable electric devices. Well, believe it or not, some of the people are too dependable on portable electric devices, such as laptop, MP3 player, iPod and much more that they cannot live their life without them!fuel-cell-microfluidic

In this case, Daniel Spencer, the graduated student from University of Southampton on July 17, has just discovered that the microfluidic fuel cells might be able to provide the essential energy to supply continuous power to portable electric devices!

Mr. Spencer described that microfluidic cells are known as the best solution to overcome the higher capacity energy storage problem. It can be done by utilizing the chemical bond energy, which is being stored in fuels with high calorific values.

It’s possible for the fuel cells to convert chemical energy from a fuel into electric energy. A polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell, one of the simplest devices, uses the electrochemical reaction of a fuel and oxidant to generate an electric current continuously!

However, Mr. Spencer said more research is needed for integration of fuel cells into a complete system. He decides to further his PhD and uses the Microfluidic subject as the main topic for his final paper work! [sciencedaily]

Oyster Wave Power Device – The Proud Product from Aquamarine Power

Aquamarine Power, as one of the world leading wave energy technology developers, they’re well known as the best marine energy sites in the UK, Ireland, Europe and worldwide.

Allan Thomson and Professor Trevor Whittaker were the two founders of Aquamarine Power in 2005.

Recently, the incredible team was overjoyed, when they’ve won the coveted ‘Innovator Award 2009’ for its market leading Oyster wave energy converter at this year’s British Renewable Energy Awards!

During the competition, Aquamarine Power was competed against seven other nominees to win the award.

Technically, it’s a very tough competition, as it concentrates in the following fields:

  • Innovative features of concept and design,

  • Achievement in meeting original objectives,

  • Proven success of the device,

  • The demonstration of exceptional effort through continuous development and testing.

Aquamarine Power_Oyster wave energy converter

The Oyster wave energy converter is a very high-tech device. It represents the combination of wisdom and environmentally friendly features altogether. By using the Oyster wave energy converter, it’s possible for the human being to harness the sea’s powerful energy in the most efficient yet effective way!

For your information, the Oyster wave energy converter has been well-designed to capture the energy found in amplified surge forces in near-shore waves. Each passing wave activates the pump and delivers high-pressure water via a sub-sea pipeline to the shore. On the shore, the high-pressure water is going to be converted to electrical power, by using conventional hydro-electric generators!