Fixing Renault Scenic II fan controller block

Renault Scenic II fan fails quite often. In some cases you may notice that not all speeds selected from dashboard works, or works occasionally. But most often fan stops working at all. Of course first step to check is fuses. If fuses seem to be OK then the only way to look is at fan speed controller (sometimes called fan resistor). The easiest and most expensive way is to call service leave them to do repairs. But if you have some engineering blood, you can do it yourself by spending less than hour of your time and probably only couple bucks.

The Amazing Pen Plotter

Some people love to involve themselves in art. If you’re one of them, then this Motori plotter might be the excellent choice for you! By the way, for those who didn’t know what plotter is, it actually a vector graphics printing device that being used to print graphical plots and connect to a computer. Basically, there are two main types of main plotters, which as: The pen plotters, and Electrostatic plotters. Technically, pen plotters print by moving a pen across the surface of a piece of paper. All the plotters are restricted to line art, rather than raster graphics. Normally, pen plotters can draw complex line art, but it’s very slow due to the mechanical movement of the pens. Believe it or not, a pen holder is able to hold a knife and turns into a cutting plotter to cut out signs and labels. Plus, it could also become a …

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DIY a Resistor Reference Card is a Piece of Cake!

Guys, it’s been awhile, since we’re involving in the electronic projects. In this case, you’ve particular learned many different DIY projects, isn’t it? However, do you have any idea, what is the Resistor Reference Card for?

Basically, it’s a simple piece of cardboard with three wheels inside of it. By dialing in the colors, it tells you the values of resistors, capacitors and on the backside two scales of inductors! Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

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The Tiny Pocket Drunken Robot

When you’re watching the robots walking and moving in the robot exhibition, what’s your reaction on it? Isn’t you feels like it’s simply amazing and you’re wished to build one as well? Your wish is granted, as we’ll develop the Pocket Drunken Robot today! Ok, for the very first sight, it looks like a little bit malfunctions, but it’s only your thoughts on it! For your information, the Pocket Drunken Robot has three parts and it’s very easy to develop. All you need to do is by bending some metal. Honestly, he loves to wander around in circles and falls over most of the time.