The Brand New Test on Tri-Fire X3 by Taser Team!

It’s a fascinating moment, when we’re watching the action movies, such as G.I.Joe, Lethal Weapons series and so on. Go figure, the criminal scene is always full with thrilling action, where the guns and explosive materials are all over the places! Gosh, no wonder many people preferred action movies, especially those people who already bored with their daily living life.

In this case, Taser, the unbelievable expert team in the fire weapon field, has been developed a magnificent flames for their newest weapon, The Tri-Fire X3!

Spare a minute and watch the above video clip closely. You’ll discover that inside the video clip, three unlucky Taser staffs have been volunteered themselves (wander why only woman 😀 ) as the “Guinea Pigs” for the project!

If you’ve watching the video clip carefully, you’ll see a scene, where the gun fires off three rounds in quick succession. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any reloading during the middle of firing action.

The Taser team has confirmed that the X3 fires equal or less voltage than their current model, X26, where can unload 50,000 volts at once. In addition, the Taser team described the actual shock delivered to the body is between 400 – 1,200 volts.

If you’re seeking an interesting device, which is allowing you to play with your family/friends, then this Tri-Fire X3 is the best option for you!

Reused the Old CDs and Turn it into a DIY iPhone Dock!

In our daily life, we’re always used the CDs/DVDs to burn some MP3 songs or movies. Don’t try to deny it, as I knew you’re going to say, “Really, as I didn’t burn any MP3 songs or movies in my whole life!” Well, in this case, congratulation and you can keep on that way.

For those who normally have extra CDs/DVDs, but not in used anymore, you might want to do a little bit modification and turns it into a cool yet stylish “iPhone Dock”.

Recycled CD iPhone dock

Honestly, it isn’t a big deal to build this DIY iPhone Dock, as what you need to do is preparing the following stuffs, such as:

  • A powerful dremel (It’s ok, no matter it’s powered by batteries or live current),

  • A UHU glue,

  • A USB cable, and

  • 11 – 12 used CDs/DVDs.

Firstly, you must stick those CDs/DVDs together by using UHU glue; remember to shave out some space for the iPhone USB cable!

Secondly, you have to stack a few extra CDs/DVDs on top, which is carving out more space for the iPhone to rest in.

Lastly, align all the cuts out, and then insert the charging connector into the stack of disks gently. Make sure there’s no movement on the charging connector from the top, or your iPhone won’t start charging, even though you’ve docked the iPhone on it! [geeky-gadgets]

Laser Pointer is The Must Have Gadgets for Everyone!

Most of you here might have seen or owned a laser pointer. Some people always wondered, “Well, I do have a laser pointer, but I don’t know what to do about it!” It’s a very common phenomenon, where people didn’t seem to understand the concept of how to use the laser pointer in proper manners.


You know what; the high power laser pointer is very useful gadgets, as it has been applied in the following niches:

  • Many astronomers have been using laser pointer in the middle of night, by pointing it to the favorite star or constellation.

  • When you want to present your proposal or project, then the laser pointer is the perfect tool for the presenter.

  • Those people who love outdoor activities must equip themselves with a laser pointer, as it can be used to scare away wild animals or as a rescue signal.

  • The military also used laser pointer in the battlefield to send out the warning signals to enemy, which is locating miles away.

The more interesting stuff is the laser pointer has been used in laser therapies and laser acupuncture techniques!

So, it’s nothing bad to have a laser pointer, isn’t it?[skylasers]

The Dream Table for All Electronic Gadgets Lovers!

Some people have very unique hobby, where they love to have something that is different from anyone else.

Well, no matter what type of person you’re, this dream table is going to capture your heart!


Have a nice look on the above figure. This dream table is a superior and elegant interactive table, where is super sensitive to electricity activity. Don’t judge based on its appearance, as it might look very common and ordinary, but when the lights off, it turns into an amazing electricity table that lights up based on electromagnetic fields.

For building this dream table, you might need to prepare the following components:

  • 15 circuit boards

  • 15 LM324 quad op amp

  • 15 14-pin sockets

  • 60 white LEDs

  • 60 induction coils

  • 60 10 resistors

  • 60 10M resistors

  • 60 1K resistors

  • 30 100K resistors

  • 15 10uF capacitors

  • 60 0.1uF capacitors

Honestly, this project will cost maybe several days or weeks, as you’re requiring to put and assembling all the components together! So, patient is very important, as without it, you won’t have the chance to get this gorgeous dream table (Unless, you’ve decided to buy it).

iShoes – The Futuristic Electric Shoes!

Is anyone here who love Segways? Well, Segways is a very cool and stylish transport, but it’s way too big, especially for the children!

If you want your children to have some fun, but you’re afraid that they might get injured playing the skateboard or rollerblade, then this iShoes is your idea choice here!


It’s very simple to operate the iShoes, where all you have to do is simply strap them onto your shoes. With the handheld control, you’re able to travel at speeds up to 13.5 mph (21.6 km/h). By pushing the handheld button, it allows you to accelerate or braking down instantly.

To be honest, the iShoes’ rider needs to have a certain amount of skill, if they want to ride on the iShoes. It’s very easy to learn, as most people are mastering it, after a few times of practices.

By the way, when the iShoes’ rider wants to make a turn, they have to slowing to a stop, turning and continuing. However, for the experienced riders, they can easily make turn with a skiing style, which is placing one leg forward and steering with it, without having to slow down the speed!

The iShoes run on rechargeable Lithium batteries, where it can go 2 to 3 miles or 30 minutes of casual riding on a single charge.

Therefore, for those who love stylish and sophisticated stuffs, this iShoes is definitely a cool collectible. []