Great tool to play with biosignals – biomedical shield for arduino

Medical equipment is expensive and not always accessible for wide audience. In fact in any biomedical measuring instrument there are nothing very special – here you can find ADC, analog front-end with low noise op-amp, some sort of controller. But the main part what makes it different from consumer electronics is safety. Because device is connected to your body through some sort of electrodes, there is always a risk of electric shock. So power supply has to be isolated if it is powered from mains. There might be other additional safety circuitry to prevent possible hazard. And of course there are many safety regulations ans certificates to overcome before device can be used with patients. This is where main cost comes from. It doesn’t mean that you cannot experiment with your body signals. You only need to know what are you doing. If you are building your own circuit to …

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Getting to know about Medical Alert Comparison

This platform has been developed keeping in mind the needs of the seniors and the elderlies. In order to provide them convenience and efficiency this virtual platform was developed to offer them a reliable medical alert system. It has helped many seniors in more than one ways, giving their health and lives the first priority, which was the main aim behind the creation of Medical Alert Comparison. The professionals working for the entity have the same objective and goals that are communicated to them clearly and thus, they work towards it with dedication. The services offered by this entity are reliable and trustworthy. Also they are cost effective and are offered nationwide for the ease of the seniors and their loved ones. The entity ensures minimal time response against the queries and services of their clients. It also offers a free custom quote to its clients. This free custom quote …

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The EyeWriter – A Truly Remarkable and Touching Invention!

Sometimes, we should be glad to be born as a healthy person. Even though we might be infected by cold or fever occasionally, but we’ll soon recover from it very soon. Honestly, there are many unfortunate people outside there, who trying their best to live their life, even they’ve already diagnosed as a half handicapped or totally disabled. Tony Quan would be the main character of our today’s story. Why? It’s because he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which is a form of motor neuron disease that caused by the degeneration of motor neurons in the central nervous system! Due to the torturing of this unmerciful master, Tony almost completely physically paralyzed except for his eyes. In order to let Tony expresses thoughts inside his mind, his friends have been developed a cool device called, “EyeWriter”. The most amazing part about the EyeWriter is allowing Tony to draw …

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USB Ultrasound Imaging Became Possible with Smartphone!

In the past, it’s impossible to combine the medical and technology fields together. However, thanks to the advent technology, most of the impossible mission becoming possible, especially in this bizarre 21st century! The concept, “Cell Phone as a Platform for Healthcare” had been worked out since few decades ago. However, due to the lack of technology, it has been postponed for a very long time. Today, a group of talented computer engineers from the Washington University in St. Louis are invented the minimalist approach to medical care and computing. They’d successfully combined the USB-based ultrasound probe technology with a smartphone, which is enabling a compact, mobile computational platform and a medical imaging device that is only the size of a palm! The fantastic duo, William D. Richard, PhD. WUSTL associate professor of computer science and engineering and David Zar, Richard’s colleague have made commercial USB ultrasound probes that compatible with …

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Human Power Generators

The developments in the field of science and technology has cashed heavily over the existing sources of power. This has slowly depleted the non-renewable sources of power such as power from burning of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. Also researchers and scientists have scoped that if existing consumption of fossil fuels exist, this may degrade fossil fuel source and leave the survival of future generation under spot of bother. This in turn has churned the minds of scientists and professionals in field of science to strategize new ways of developing power. This made scientists to postulate the significance of renewable sources. Researches were carried out all over the world to mobilize the thoughts of using renewable sources in daily life to substitute the existing sources of power. This laid to development of human power generators that help to produce power by establishing contacts between work done by a human …

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ECG Can Be Your Life Savor at Home

ECG – also known as Electrocardiograms, is a recorder that measure and tracking the electrical impulses of heart activity over time. Why we need an ECG in our home? The reasons are simple as: It’s for your own safety – you can keep tracking and alert by your current heart activity at home, especially for those that diagnosed cardiovascular diseases. It’s a fun and interesting project. With right guides and support, building a home ECG is simple as ABC, and you should glad you’re found this site. Here is the making process for this ECG: Firstly, you need to mount the surface into any kind of tin can you want, this for reducing the interference. After it, Shield the audio cable for the electrode leads and make sure the braiding is earthed to the tin. Connect the three blue wires of the leads to the RCA plugs.

Biosignal Properties

The term Biosignal refers to all the signals that are being generated in the human body or any other living organism or more specifically it is used to represent all those signals from living organisms that are monitored to obtain certain useful information. Primarily, the term refers to signals that are electrical in nature but, some non-electric signals are monitored as well. Typically, the changes in potential difference across a certain tissue in the body are measured in case of bio-electric signals. Let us have a look at few of the properties of biosignals generated by the human body that are analysed to obtain information: In case of Electroencephalography, the activity of the human brain is monitored. Usually, at a synapse (junctions between the cells of the nervous system), flow of ions takes place. This results in the formation of various signals that are used by the body to transfer …

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