Importance of ensuring your website is safe and secure

Attacks on websites are common now. For every eager programmer who learns to create a device to protect people’s digital businesses, there are others only to happy to inflict trojans, malwares, viruses and other online evil. Those processes can bring down a company or expose it to damage, or drain money from its funds. Perhaps sometimes it is a pure show of arrogance from a young hacker or cyber wizard, capable of showing a multi-million-pound company that someone in a bedroom in another country can infiltrate their defences. And the damage can be incalculable, to reputations and future prospects. Last year alone 20,000 customers at Tesco Bank had money stolen from their accounts, while the infamous TalkTalk breach saw a ‘mere’ 157,000 personal records compromised by hackers. These will not be the last such incidents; indeed, an attack on accounting software company Sage could “be one of the most important …

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Career Fields Using Geographic Information Science

The field of geographical information science (GIS) has so many different applications that it is really revolutionizing how we process and use a wide range of information. GIS has come into being through the synthesis of information from multiple areas. GIS professionals use geospatial technology in many different ways. The education to enter the GIS field will include training in database and digital technologies, cartography, programming, geography, and spatial analysis. Earn a masters in GIS from USC and be ready to embark on an interesting new career in an in-demand industry. Here are some career fields that use GIS technology and professionals.

Why PRINCE2 is such a valuable tool in the IT industry

PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments and is one of the most popular and widely recognized qualifications for those taking part in project management. What’s more, the PRINCE2 qualification is also widely accepted across the world, which makes enrolling in the PRINCE2 training course so important if you are looking to pursue any aspect of management.  The PRINCE2 qualification scheme offers you the chance to progress through the following three stages; foundation, practitioner and professional. As PRINCE2 is highly sought after by so many businesses and provides in depth knowledge of both the technical and practical side of project management, those in the IT industry should look to invest their time in completing this valuable qualification as soon as possible.

The Best Ways to Sell Responsive Web Design To Your Clients

Whether a freelance developer or running a business, it’s the duty of every web designer to make sure clients get the best possible solutions for their needs. Although the customer has the ultimate say in how the site is developed, there is still a need to sell certain aspects that have greater impacts on success. In this case, it’s the use of responsive web design. Having excellent web hosting is only part of making a website shine among an ocean of digital content. Because of the impact mobile technology has made on the world, it’s imperative clients understand how important responsive design is. Otherwise, their websites may not perform as intended. And guess who many of those clients are going to blame if the prospect of mobile-friendly design isn’t brought up?


Have you ever found your business going down the tubes simply because you didn’t know how to run the issues that were not your core responsibilities? Being a good businessman and negotiator doesn’t grant you success in software development, for instance. If you don’t want to take your mind off your favourite occupation and prefer dealing with it instead of cramming the basics of programming to become Jack-of-all-trades, there is one solution you should consider. The simple stroke of a genius ­­– rely on the niche specialists. Time is money, and, luckily, you can save both if you choose the right outsourcing partner who will do the job for you. One of such companies is Qubit Labs, an EU software development provider with its offices in Estonia, Canada and R&D centre in Ukraine.

Careers That Can Save Lives

Often when we are looking for a new career, we consider things like wages and benefits that could be available. How often have we considered the impact that our career can have on others? Some jobs are designed to show our compassion for our neighbor, to provide nurturing when others need it, and even to save lives. Here are some top jobs that allow folks to save lives every day. Substance Abuse Counselor The National Center of Health Statistics estimated that over 50,000 people died from a drug overdose in 2015. The focus of the statistic is on hard street drugs to prevent accidental overdoses from non-addicts from skewing the numbers. Considering the role of the substance abuse counselor, at facilities like HARP heroin detox & rehab, imagine how many people they may have saved that year! While the statistic does focus on harder drugs, many who opt for rehabilitation …

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

In case you accidently erase, format or loose data on your computer, removable device or laptop, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will help you recover all the lost data. The software is highly compatible and provides you a solution almost instantly. The software could recover variety of files ranging from images, videos, emails, audio files and much more. The software is free, user-friendly and secure for easy data recovery. The process to recover your lost data via Ease US Data Recovery is broken down into three basic steps; installation and launch the software, perform scan on your device and lastly recover the lost data. There are various instances where a person may loose their data such as a damaged hard drive, virus attack, formatting a drive, OS error or crash or partition loss. EaseUS Data Recovery is a software that caters to all your problems and provides and efficient and quick …

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