Affordable Acekool 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera has everything you may need

There are lots of action cameras available on market and it may be really hard to find one that fits your needs. Each of them compete by features like resolution, capture angle, build quality and price. If you are not a professional and don’t want to spend a fortune for an action camera, there are some alternatives that may be just right for you. Acekool has a great 4K action camera available which cost less than $40 and packs all features you may be looking for in expensive brands.

Probably first thing you are looking when searching for camera is resolution. This is natural as resolution is related to picture quality. Going lower than 4K on action camera today is not practical. Acekool camera comes with 16 megapixel sensor and is capable to record video in 4K UHD at 30 frames per second. The image stabilization works great

Camera supports up to 64GB if microSD cards where you can have plenty of space to store high quality videos and photos.

The other important feature is angle width. Action camera sees to be between top parameters with its 170 degree super wide lens. The wider lens the more background you can cover while taking images.

The other action camera features include 2-inch LCD display, easy control buttons, micro SD slot, micro USB port for charging and downloading images, HDMI port for attaching camera to large screens for better viewing experience. It comes with WiFI connection which allows even easier streaming to computer or smart phone. The 900mAh battery ensures 1.5 hours of operation between the need of recharge.

Action camera ships with lots of adapters and mounts you may be needing.

The kit includes the camera itself, 2 batteries, water proof housing which enables to take shoots up to 30m underwater, various stands to be fixed to bicycle, helmet. You will get charger, cleaning cloth, couple 3M adhesive tapes bandage, USB cable and other small things for almost all use cases.

For such low price you really get decent quality action camera with top notch features. It can be used in many outdoor activities including water sports. This is a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars and worrying if you accidentally brake it. I think this would be great camera for my quad-copter.

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