LED Tube Light – The Best Option to Save More Energy!

Maybe some of us didn’t aware that we’re producing over two kilograms of trash per person, use up to 50 gallons of water and 40 kilowatts of electricity every single day! Based on the above statistic, the natural resources are going to be vanished in less than 100 years from now…

As the earthlings, is it our responsibility to take a good care on the Mother Nature, before it’s too late! Honestly, there’s a better way to show your concern to the environment, by changing your house’s traditional lightning system to the latest LEDs lightning system!


Did you know that a LED light is able to emit light up to 100,000 hours continuously? Yep, it’s hundred times better than the old-fashioned fluorescent lights. In fact, by only using a few watts of power, the LEDs lights are ready to provide extremely bright light and light up your house instantly. It’s not only save a lot of energy, but helps you to keep more “green cows” stay inside your wallet, since you’re paying less for the electricity bills, thanks to the LEDs lightning system.

The Easiest Ways to Repair a Broken Ethernet Plug

You’re using your desktop/laptop and you really having a great fun with it. All the sudden, the internet connection is disabled and you’re off the line! You’re pissed off and want to check out the main cause of the incident. Finally, you found that the Ethernet plug is already broken without any warning! Gosh, isn’t it one of the most annoying and frustrated moment in your life?

Ok, you should better stop whipping the Ethernet cable or complaining about how terrible, your life would be without the internet connection. Instead, you must find the way to fix the broken Ethernet plug immediately!


The locking tab of RJ45 plugs are breaking very easily. It’s not a big deal, as all you need to do is replacing it by two nylon cable ties. To be honest, if you’re expert in this case, it took you less than three minutes to substitute the cable ties.

For replacing the cable ties, you have to cut an approximately 4.5 cm of cable tie. Cut the head of the cable tie with a sharp knife to make it flat. Bend the cable tie into an ‘L’ shape. Use the second cable tie to tight the first cable tie. Tune the position and bends of the cable tie No.1, it acts as a spring, if you’ve done it correctly.

Finally, you’ll hear the sound, “click” again and Hooray, you’ve repaired the broken RJ45 Ethernet plug all by yourself!

The Effective Methods to Hand-solder a PowerPad IC

The PowerPad, one of most popular floor mat game controllers for the Nintendo Entertainment System is having many supporters from worldwide. According to the statistic, its sales rate is only second of the Wii, which is a pretty an amazing achievement for the Nintendo Company.

Basically, the PowerPad is known as Family Trainer in Japan, while it recognized as Family Fun Fitness in Europe and United States. For using the PowerPad, you have to lay out it in front of the video display for various games. Then, make sure to plug it into the second controller port with players stepping on the large buttons to control gameplay.


So, if you’re wondering, “Is it possible to hand-solder a PowerPad IC by yourself?” The answer is positive! Honestly, even though it’s not a very simple task, but you can surely handle it, especially if you’ve familiar with the soldering technique.

When you’re soldering the PowerPad IC, you have to very careful, as you need to melt the solder under the chip, without making any solder bridges between the pins and the pad. It’s because if there’s a bridging between the pins and the pad, then there will be short circuit happen, and you definitely don’t this accident to occur, right?

A New Life To Old Flash Drives

Don’t throw your old USB flash drive away. Instead, you can use an old flash drive as a laptop alarm to prevent your laptop from being stolen. Here is how.

1.      Install free software on your laptop. www.lalarm.com/LaptopAlarm. (free for personal use) 2.      Fasten a neck strap to your old USB flash drive. 3.      Fasten the other end of the strap to a table. 4.      Plug in the USB flash drive into a USB port of a laptop. 5.      Lock the laptop by pressing the Windows logo key and L key together.


When a thief removes the laptop from the table, the USB flash drive will be disconnected from the laptop and then a loud siren sound will be emitted. (See photos: www.lalarm.com/arm2) In addition to sounding an alarm, the software sends an alert to your mobile phone. This tip is also useful if you worry about identity theft. The free software destroys data in case of laptop theft.

The EyeWriter – A Truly Remarkable and Touching Invention!

Sometimes, we should be glad to be born as a healthy person. Even though we might be infected by cold or fever occasionally, but we’ll soon recover from it very soon.

Honestly, there are many unfortunate people outside there, who trying their best to live their life, even they’ve already diagnosed as a half handicapped or totally disabled.

Tony Quan would be the main character of our today’s story. Why? It’s because he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which is a form of motor neuron disease that caused by the degeneration of motor neurons in the central nervous system! Due to the torturing of this unmerciful master, Tony almost completely physically paralyzed except for his eyes.


In order to let Tony expresses thoughts inside his mind, his friends have been developed a cool device called, “EyeWriter”. The most amazing part about the EyeWriter is allowing Tony to draw with his eyes.

Honestly, the whole project is based on the very basic components, such as:

  • Cheap sunglasses,

  • A micro CCD camera,

  • IR LEDs,

  • Miscellaneous electrical hardware and electrical components,

  • Custom software written in openFrameworks,

  • Capture card,

  • Projector,

  • Wireless broadband USB stick, and

  • Laptop!

It’s truly a low-cost eye-tracking device, which is enabling the patients with ALS to write or draw using their eyes! Frankly, it’s one of the coolest devices that we’ve ever seen in the past few years… [http://fffff.at/eyewriter/]