The Proper Ways to Create Passive MIDI Footswitch

Are you searching on some software that allows you to use the spare audio card, where it can be a great way to control the analog audio devices? Well, it’s nothing special to do the ordinary MIDI footswitch, but it would be a lot of fun to reverse it into a Passive MIDI Footswitch!

Ok, it might sound a little bit unacceptable, but this idea really can work. All you have to do is use the inputs on your audio interface to hook up a footswitch to the computer. For your information, the switch is just a passive momentary switch, where it will become short circuit when it is pressed down or open when it is being released.


In this case, you’ll need a voltage source in series with the switch. This way is for providing a signal that could be detected by the sound card. Most audio interfaces have a DC-blocking highpass filter on the input; this is to protect it from stupidity-based damage.

However, this passive MIDI footswitch has its downside, where you can’t generalize it to continuous controllers, such as a knob or expression pedal. In order to overcome this matter, you have to send an AC signal through the controller.

The Compact ATtiny Breadboard Headers

If you have to spending endless times to start prototyping with an AVR ATtiny, then you can make it becoming easier. Yep, all you need to do is build the headers that can carry the 8 and 20 pin chips, where it can be plugged directly into breadboards.

Technically, these controller boards are building to provide a quick start for projects with 8 and 20 pin AVR microcontrollers, such as ATtiny13, ATtiny45 and ATtiny2313. Since they didn’t include any fancy stuff, and they keep it as simple as possible.

By using this cute yet compact ATtiny breadboard headers, the Arduino projects becoming much easier.


As you can see from the above figure, this little breadboard headers is very handy, where it occupy only one more row on each side as a controller would need. This breadboard headers already included the following components:

6 pin ISP header;

8 MHz resonator;

Reset pull-up resistor and reset switch;

Blocking capacitors;

Serial connection header.

These ATtiny Breadboard headers not only small and compact, but it’s equipped with all the basic electronic components that you’re needed. Just plug them in your breadboard and connect your programmer with it! Voila, it works like a magic…

Convert The HP DraftMaster RX Pen Plotter Into a Vinyl Cutter!

We’re now situating in the 21st century, where the technology is coming around and gone like the wind! Let’s take the example, the mobile phones is the most up-to-date fashion trend, where most of the mobile phones will be outdated in less than 6 months (That’s why it’s useless to follow the latest trend, unless you’ve lots of money and willing to spend the money buying the countless new mobile phones!).

Honestly, as long as you can come up with a good idea for the old-fashioned gadgets, you still can create or modify some cool toys with the cheapest price.

Let’s take an example, you might looks that this HP DraftMaster RX pen plotter is nothing more than a junk and it’s ready to be throwing into the junkyard. Well, if you can invest some time and a little effort on it, this piece of crap can be converted into a stylish vinyl cutter.


Yep, you didn’t see it wrongly, as all it needs is some blades and a holder. After you’ve placing all the blades and the holder on the old HP DraftMaster RX pen plotter, it’s ready to be used as the brand new vinyl cutter!

By practicing this method, you’ll at least save up a few hundreds of dollars buying new vinyl cutter. By reused the old gadgets, you’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint as well!

DIY a Realtime Web Based Power Charting By Yourself!

Since the recession has becoming even worse in this year, it’s time to cut off the unnecessary spending in our daily life! You might think that it’s easier said than done? Well, if you have the wills to do it, you can surely carry out the saving plan very well.

Do you know that nearly 50% of the U.S households have been reported that they have an excessive high electrical consumption? The biggest cause of this problem is the lacking of electrical conservation knowledge.

One of the most significant ways out for the following matter is by tracking and understanding power usage real-time. You can do it by turning off and unplug everything in the house, then went outside and counted how long it takes the power meter’s wheel to make one complete revolution/circulation.

After it, you can turn on all the household appliances one at a time and re-timed a power meter wheel revolution. By this way, you’ll be able to convert the time differences into watts and get to know the power consumption of every appliance better!


This realtime web based power charting is quite an easy task, where you can get it done less than one day!

Caution: Remember do not touch anything inside the breaker box during the project, or you might get electric shock and toast like BBQ!

It’s Time to Boost Up Your Memory with Memory Pill!

When we’re getting older, our brain activity will begin to decrease, especially after 25-year-old. That is why the aged people mostly have some memory loss problem.

In order to get rid of this problem, AstraZeneca, a multinational company is developing a brand new “memory enhancing pill”!

According to Steven Ferris, a neurologist and former committee member of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that a milder version of memory pill will soon be available on the market. This kind of pill could help the user to concentrate on their exam revision or help people from forgetting any important days, such as wedding anniversary, birthday, wedding invitations and much more.


Ferris told the Telegraph that the memory pill was designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease, but it’s now can be adapted and licensed for sale in a weaker form in the near future.

According to the news, there is evidence that some mind-improving pills are currently being sold in Britain and it has the function similar with the memory pill.

However, some said it’s better to avoid this type of pill, as it might cause some side effects to the user. [source]