The importance of HTML5 for web developers

Web developers value reliability and HTML5 provides that. Gone are the days when Flash was a popular resource, as it gradually fades behind the power of HTML5. Later this year Google is set to diminish its already tenuous relationship with Flash even further, as HTML5 continues its growth in popularity amongst web developers.


We are going to take a look at why HTML5 is so popular and what it can be used for. We are also going to discuss the forthcoming Google move towards making HTML5 the default option when people visit a website and how this could be the beginning of the end for Flash. Continue reading

Building and evaluating Naive Bayes classifier with WEKA

This is a followup post from previous where we were calculating Naive Bayes prediction on given data set. This time I want to demonstrate how all this can be implemented using WEKA application.


For those who doesn’t know what WEKA is I highly recommend visiting their website and getting latest release. It is really powerful machine learning software written in Java. You can find plenty of tutorials in youtube on how to get started with WEKA. So I wont get in to details. I’m sure you’ll be able to follow anyway. Continue reading

Simple explanation of Naive Bayes classifier

Probably you’ve heard about Naive Bayes classifier and likely used in some GUI based classifiers like WEKA package. This is a number one algorithm used to see the initial results of classification. Sometimes surprisingly it outperforms the other models with speed, accuracy and simplicity.


Lets see how this algorithm looks and what does it do.

As you may know algorithm works on Bayes theorem of probability which allows to predict the class of unknown data set. Hoe you are comfortable with probability math – at least some basics. Continue reading

Microgaming improving it’s software with much better probability script

Microgaming improving it’s software with much better probability script is ultimately going to help players all around the world. Gaming all comes down to probability. In many cases, people really cannot fight the odds or try to beat them. The odds for slot games are all completely random. People are never going to be able to ensure that they are going to be the ones who succeed at particular slot games. They are all going to have to work in order to make sure that they bet their money responsibly, because slots are just the sorts of games that will really give people unexpected outcomes. However, Microgaming improving it’s software with much better probability script should at least make things better for players everywhere.


This is really part of a greater move to make online gaming websites more user-friendly than they used to be, which will make a big difference for players all around the world. Continue reading

What does studying to be a software developer involve?

If you have ever wanted to embark on a career as a software developer then you probably want to know what you need to study in order to make that happen. You want to be able to give yourself the best opportunity of securing the job you want. The good news is that you can study to be a software developer even if you are already working full time; all you have to do is enlist on an online course.


We are going to take a look at what tasks you can expect to undertake if you become a software developer and what subjects you will study in order to prepare you for these tasks. Continue reading

Refreshing your computer gear

Computer is probably number one place where we spend the most time. We normally use it for many things including work, study, playing games, watching movies and socializing with friends. It is important to keep PC workplace comfortable and attractive. Computer itself needs refreshing from time to time. When it is still quite new, I mean up to few years old, you may want to upgrade some parts like HDD, RAM, Video card. They can revive PC to new performance level, but if you are looking for more drastic change in performance, then you should think about getting new PC.


But in most cases simple upgrade gives a better feeling. Simple replacement of magnetic hard drive with SSD will give you noticeable improvement. I think this step should be first in your list. You will get much faster boot time, faster loading applications and quieter work. SSD in my opinion is also more reliable because there are no mechanical moving parts that can fail. Continue reading