What does studying to be a software developer involve?

If you have ever wanted to embark on a career as a software developer then you probably want to know what you need to study in order to make that happen. You want to be able to give yourself the best opportunity of securing the job you want. The good news is that you can study to be a software developer even if you are already working full time; all you have to do is enlist on an online course.


We are going to take a look at what tasks you can expect to undertake if you become a software developer and what subjects you will study in order to prepare you for these tasks. Continue reading

Refreshing your computer gear

Computer is probably number one place where we spend the most time. We normally use it for many things including work, study, playing games, watching movies and socializing with friends. It is important to keep PC workplace comfortable and attractive. Computer itself needs refreshing from time to time. When it is still quite new, I mean up to few years old, you may want to upgrade some parts like HDD, RAM, Video card. They can revive PC to new performance level, but if you are looking for more drastic change in performance, then you should think about getting new PC.


But in most cases simple upgrade gives a better feeling. Simple replacement of magnetic hard drive with SSD will give you noticeable improvement. I think this step should be first in your list. You will get much faster boot time, faster loading applications and quieter work. SSD in my opinion is also more reliable because there are no mechanical moving parts that can fail. Continue reading

Hurry – best deals from Gearbest don’t last long

If you are looking for some items to purchase, first thing you do is look for deals. If you are patient enough, you can find great offers. I’ve been following gearbest for some time and quite frequently they drop an ultimate flash deals.


In the offering lists you can find the product you’ve been keeping an eye to. Currently they are running an ultimate flash deal which is going to last to the end of June 16. You can notice a significant price drop on various items including smartphones, ultrabooks, TV Boxes, quad copters and more. The number of items are limited and they are dropping, so it is worth checking out earlier before period ends. Additionally by purchasing items for minimal set payment you can try to win free gift with Lucky Draw. Gifts seems to be valuable including smartphones, tablets and quads itself. Continue reading

How real money gaming platforms manage risks?

Do you love online casino games but have been on a serious losing streak? Have you ever wondered how a real money gaming platforms manage their risks? In other words, how do they ensure that they make money off of their real money games?

The truth is no real money game is actually random, it is controlled by certain formulas, or algorithms, that ensure that the casino operators recoup their cash. And when you get an understanding of they work, believe it or not, it can help increase the odds of you winning.


In fact, understanding the Math behind your favorite online casino games is more important than the technical element. Unless there’s been some type of technical breach, then technical factors are not going to be a factor that determines whether you will win while playing a certain game. However, it can be important to get an idea of some things, like how the graphics for a particular game can change some factors. For instance, they may make a given website reload faster or slower. This is important because there are some gamers where a few seconds can make a lot of difference. Continue reading

Handy portable electric drill for hobby projects

Lots of hobby projects involve drilling, screwing and repairing. In many cases power drill is a second hands and rescue. If you are not a professional, then investing in expensive tools may not be a priority. But with low price you would want to cover most basic functionality and reliability. Take a look at LOM YUM Electric drill, which has all necessary features in small size and ergonomic shape.


The drill is really compact having rechargeable 16.8V (4x1300mAh Li-Ion) battery pack in its handle. In the feature list you will find all you need. Durability and reliability is ensured by metal metal gear and overload protection. It is IPX7 waterproof, so you could use it in harsh conditions. LED light pointed to drilling area ensures that you always hit the right spot even in dim environments. The speed control is step-less and can provide up to 18NM of torque. Continue reading

Compact 500mW laser engraver can bite any soft material

Laser engraving is a great way of decorating objects. All you need is to create picture with any popular CAD software and send it to printer to be transferred on surface. You can find large variety of laser engravers that vary in laser power, printing area, resolution and so on. The more powerful laser is used – the harder materials can be engraved. Anyway with bigger power there comes more related problems like proper cooling, safety and electronics. Everything comes with price.


If you are looking for something simple that could engrave soft materials like wood, paper, leather, plastic, then you should look for less powerful laser engraver which naturally is cheaper and simpler to handle. Continue reading