Your Considerations When You Buy a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

You have reached a conclusion that you desperately need a mobile phone signal booster which main goal is to help people to get rid of bad quality cell phone perception forever.

Great Popularity Because Of Effective Work

Such devices have enjoyed great popularity with the development of mobile services, and they are to make the quality signal better practically everywhere you wish – in a house, in a car or a truck, in an office building etc.

What is In a Set?

This wonderful gadget consists of an external antenna, a signal booster amplifier and an internal antenna, but sometimes, there are models, where everything is packed in one single unit, that it makes even more comfortable to work with.


Do not Be Afraid of Doing it for the First Time

In case, it is your first time when you have to buy a mobile phone signal booster, here is some advice what to pay attention to in order to make the right choice ever. Continue reading

Benefits of using multiturn potentiometers

Potentiometers are common electronics components that convert rotary or linear motion in to change of resistance. They can be found anywhere where some adjustments are needed, volume control and joysticks. You can dive in to long theory about potentiometers how they are made, what materials are used and what output characteristics they have regarding to rotation angle.


As electronics hobbyist and probably pro you usually deal with two common types of potentiometers – basic pots with knobs and trim pots. First group of potentiometers are used where user has to access potentiometer when he needs to change one or another parameter like sound volume or screen brightness. They normally are bigger in size and can be mounted vertically or horizontally to board. Also they have a panel mount with nut. This type of potentiometers needs to be mechanically stronger and resistive material more durable due to frequent use. Continue reading

Cheap Arduino compatible boards are same as original

Probably you have noticed that Arduino is spread worldwide. It would be ridiculous to see one manufacturer producing them. The Arduino group produces original board that are named Arduino. This is their trademark. But being open source product, Arduino become popular popular in almost all workshops and so demand is huge. Since building plans are open other electronics manufacturers started building Arduino compatible boards. These are same Arduino boards, but with Arduino name and logo removed. Other than that is 100% compatible to standard Arduino that works with software tools, extensions and modules.


Arduino compatible Uno R3 Rev3 development board is one of most known boards. Because this form factor is the first Arduino step in to community. Continue reading

How to Take Good ID Card Photographs

It’s no surprise that the majority of people are reluctant to get their ID photos taken, the lack of creativity you can portray in your photos and the strict guidelines that you are required to adhere to can definitely make this a not-so-pleasant experience. However, getting our ID photos taken is something that we have to do and so we might as well look good and get the best quality photo possible.

There are numerous tips, tricks and steps which you can implement in order to increase the quality of your photos and still ensure that you adhere to the strict guidelines. We’ll take a look at some of these below. Continue reading

Building Your Own Computer

While buying a factory-built computer is quick and easy, there are a lot of advantages to building your own machine. For one thing, you are sure to get exactly the components, software, and functionality you need, versus what the manufacturer wants to give you. Another issue is that pre-made computers often have proprietary parts and cases, making them difficult to alter and upgrade; home-made machines are a lot more flexible in that area. Finally, home-made computers can be significantly less expensive.

Be sure to work in an area that’s free of dust and on a non-conductive surface, like a wooden table. You should also avoid working on carpeting, which can generate static electricity, and ground yourself by touching the metal part of the computer case before touching the components. You can also wear an antistatic wrist strap to prevent static electricity.

Step 1: Set up the Motherboard

·  Remove the motherboard from its packaging and set it on a steady surface. Do not sit it on top of the antistatic bag that it came in.

·  Fit the processor into the designated slot or socket on the motherboard. If it has a heat sink, it should come with a thermal adhesive for you to attach it to the processor. If has a fan, it will fit over the processor and have a small cable that plugs into one of the slots on the mother board.

·  Fit the RAM it into the corresponding slots on the motherboard. It should have a notch on the side with the metal contacts that corresponds with the slot, and will tell you which way to insert the RAM. Start with Slot 1, and fill each slot in order, depending on how many sticks of ram you have. Continue reading