Ultrasound waves and propagation

It is more than 100 years when ultrasound is used for analyzing materials and echolocation. A bit later it was adapted for medical diagnostics. Ultrasound became popular and wide spread due to number of benefits. Probably one of the most important feature is that it is non destructive. Other that follow are simplicity and precision. Of course when we talk about price and simplicity we have X-ray or tomography in mind. Ultrasound can be used in many areas and environments. You can measure geometrical properties of internal structures, physical properties like density, tension. In medical diagnosis ultrasound is mostly used for visualization of tissues and inner organs.



Ultrasound waves and parameters

Ultrasound waves are mechanical waves that propagate through media. In solid materials ultrasound waves propagate faster while in liquids and biological tissues slower (~1400 m/s). In air due to low density sound waves propagate relatively slowly (~340 m/s). Ultrasound speed depends on temperature and pressure. Continue reading

5 Creative Voice Tech Applications

Applications using voice technology are increasingly becoming popular in the modern day society. Developers are working hard to make technological innovations meant to improve people’s everyday lives. Using voice technology today, you can learn about your community, send an email, buy movie tickets and much more tasks through speaking to your smart phone. The following are some of the most creative apps of voice technology.

  1. Siri Assistant App

The app runs on iOS mobile operating system and was developed by Apple. It works as a personal assistant app for knowledge and navigation. The most creative feature for the app is that it uses natural language user interface to perform various tasks such as making recommendations, searching the web, answering questions and making phone calls. The creative use of natural language ensures the user doesn’t have to remember special keywords and phrases. In addition, Apple assured its users that the app uses a cloud-based voice recognition technology to analyze commands, process and interpret voice collected from the cloud. Continue reading

When there is (not) enough of screen resolution on your device?

We are facing lots of screens and displays today starting with computer monitors, TVs and smart phones and ending with more sophisticated virtual reality (VR) displays like Oculus Rift. Most of them already use high resolution displays. For instance, Ultra HD 4k displays are becoming more and more available. But what does this mean and is this enough or too much? There are many tests and debates running about proper screen resolution when you have good picture quality and not wasting money for numbers only. This is not what are we are going to discuss. Everyone has to find their own optimal solution. Why not to do this rationally instead of chasing numbers.


Fig. 1 Screen door effect

From practical side, resolution alone doesn’t have significant meaning when choosing screen. You could take other two parameters in account – distance from screen and screen size. All those parameters goes along with human visual acuity – the smallest thing he can spot. When you go to the eye inspection you are given character chart where you need to point the smallest symbols you can see. The number next to that line represent your visual acuity. Continue reading

Benefits earned with reliable gambling

If you like to spend every waking hour roaming the world of football and get electrified when the game being played on the field is owned by your favorite team then Bet365 Bonus Code 2016 can help you add some more elements of heightened sensation by earning you a few pennies in the process.  Gambling your luck on sports has been a well-known recreation that has been in practice for many years, but recently with the technological advancement more diversity has been added to it.  Since going online millions of customers have benefitted every day through different betting organizations all over the world.

Added Diversity

While visiting an offline betting house you are presented with limited options.  Your choice stays confined to some major league games or some local tournaments.  The limited number of games restricts the chance of your pecuniary gains, but with online betting sites you are provided with myriads of options.  Be it major league games like English Premier League or Confederation Cup or something less famous like a match being played in the nondescript part of the world, you are presented with an assemblage of options.  You are liberated from the boundaries of state or country and are empowered to put your wager on any football match that captures your attention and seems gainful to you. Continue reading

How not to struggle with writing

Many people seems are naturally good at writing. They write great reports, articles that way so other enjoy reading. If look more in to the writing process, you start seeing that it takes lots of practice, planning and discipline to do it great. So in order to get in to right track you should analyze the routine the successful writers do when they write.


The main road block in writing great essays is pressure. The need to write it fast and good simply freezes the brain. The fear of failure may take over. But there is a good news – you can write and write well. All you need is to get over the pressure and build simple strategy that will help accomplish the task.

Probably most important part of writing is to get rid of fears, brain freezes. If you have failed in writing earlier, brain remembers and starts blocking again. Then you probably grab chocolate or cigarette hoping to release tension. And later you find that this doesn’t help much. Continue reading