Goal-line technology: can it be used further?

A decade ago, football fans would have scoffed at the prospect of goal-line technology in football. Today, supporters couldn’t imagine life without it. Strangely, the technology was only introduced in the Premier League back in 2013 after it was given a trial run in Manchester United’s 2-0 victory against Wigan Athletic in the Community Shield but it is now difficult to imagine the sport without it. In fact, if anything, many supporters, pundits and even players – many of whom were entirely against the idea of goal-line technology – are now pondering how the technology can be used further.


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There are a number of different software packages that can be used but England’s top flight have opted for the Hawk-Eye system throughout the last couple of seasons. Hawk-Eye remains the world’s leading provider of vision processing instruments to sport and you can see why. The attention to detail is immaculate and the system is yet to get a decision wrong. This justifies entirely why the Premier League made it mandatory for all 20 top-flight clubs to have the technology in their grounds. Continue reading

Gearbest review: Arduino Mega2560 and LCD keypad demo project

Arduino is a great platform for fast prototyping and building projects. But probably one of the best things here is, that Arduino layout allows plugging hundreds of standard shields. Today you can probably find any type of sensors, displays, drivers included in to shields. This is where comes the real power of using Arduino. Gearbest have supplied us with a great combination of commonly available products including Arduino Mega2560 and LCD keypad shield.


Arduino Mega2560 comes with powerful AVR ATmega2560 microcontroller featuring 54 I/Os, 256KB flash, 4KB of SRAM and 4KB of EEPROM. It has standard Arduino header layout extended with tens of additional that are not occupied by shields. They can be successfully used with additional gear. Continue reading

How to Choose a Mobile Booster – Useful Tips

Poor cell phone signal is nothing new. Even as mobile service providers do their best to provide every user with the highest quality of service, there is bound to be a time when some people in some areas of the country experience annoyingly poor signals. This is where a mobile booster comes in handy.

Also popular as mobile phone signal boosters, a booster is made to intensify the phone signal around your home. The quality of signal in and around the home can be affected by many factors including the building material (concrete, metal, wood etc) or geographic obstructions such as mountains. Mobile boosters are generally wireless meaning that you don’t have to attach or plug your cell phone to it. It is a simple gadget that is easy to install and use. Which brings us to choosing the right booster for your needs; how do you go about selecting a mobile booster?


Here are a few tips to consider; Continue reading

Bonus codes for betting to boost the game

Nowadays people are earning more money through betting and it becomes hobby for those who are interested. At Once the betters are used to go for agencies to make the betting directly but no one can make his betting in online easily. One can enroll his registration in specific website and he can make a bet in certain sports games, after the winning declared the user will credited with money in his account. There is no need of any tension of transacting money or to track the agency when you are registered in valid website. Continue reading

Technology and Innovation Management

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I Proposed innovation

The system based on the use of the solar power that accumulates, regulates and controls the energy consumption of the building through the control of operations of all devices and energy consuming elements of the building, including the equipment (TV set, computer, fridge, etc.), heating and water supply system, windows shutters, lighting of the interior and exterior, while owners of the buildings can sell out the excess of energy accumulated by the system.

II Introduction and background

Today, the problem of the environment protection is one of the major challenges to the contemporary society. In actuality, this problem is global and affects the entire global community. In such a situation, the ineffective use of technology and excessive energy consumption by buildings, both households and public or private buildings used for other purposes, contributes consistently to the aggravation of the problem of the environment pollution. Traditionally, technologies, including information technologies have been viewed as the major source and driver of the energy consumption growth. To a significant extent, such a view on the technology was right because the progress of the technology stimulated the wider use of new devices, machines and equipment that required more and more energy.

At the same time, today, the technology can contribute to the solution or prevention of the problem of the excessive energy consumption and, therefore, the problem of the environment pollution. In this regard, the proposed system will accumulate the energy using the power of son. Solar batteries installed on the roof of buildings can accumulate the energy, while the information system connected to all the equipment and systems of the building will distribute the energy, while the excess of the accumulated energy may be sold by the owner of the building to third parties. In fact, contemporary information technologies and modern telecommunication systems allow monitoring and control the performance of virtually all equipment within buildings. In such a situation, there is a potential possibility of creating smart houses or buildings, which can be controlled by the information system. In this regard, it is possible to suggest developing the information system that focuses on the regulation and control of functioning of the equipment, heating and water supply system, windows shutters, lighting of the interior and exterior and other elements and parts of buildings that consume energy can help to minimize the energy waste and to maximize the energy efficiency of buildings. Existing smart houses projects and systems focus on saving energy but they do not provide the efficient system of control over the use of energy and the consumption of energy by different elements of the building or equipment. In other words, the distinct feature of the innovative system is the focus on the optimization of the performance of each element of the building to maximize the efficiency of the energy consumption that will make households and other buildings energy efficient and, thus, will cut the energy consumption consistently. In addition, the new system will not just optimize the use of the energy by the building but also allow users to sell out the excess of energy accumulated by solar batteries. Continue reading