Broken laptop LCD isn’t always a big problem

Probably LCD is the most fragile part of any laptop or other hand-held device. When you drop your device on the corner or bend too much, you will definitely crack the screen. After this your computer becomes unusable. What to do next on this situation? First of all try to evaluate situation and see how old your laptop is. If you planned to upgrade to newer, then it is the right time – you can sell parts of broken laptop on eBay or on local market. Anyway if you have a bit of engineering steam, you should fix it.


Replacing of LCD is easy task, then only problem you may face is finding right LCD for it. Laptop screens are pretty much standard all you need is to find right size and type. If you are not sure, remove broken LCD from broken laptop and look at the sticker on the back. You will find screen model number like LTN154X3-LOD. Then number 154 indicates that screen diagonal size is 15.4-inch. LTN indicates that manufacturer is Samsung. You can find pretty much all codes by googling it. Continue reading

The HTC One M8’s best features


The HTC one was released in March 2014 and four months later; it is still a huge hit with the market. Despite the leaked video that surfaced around a month prior to the phone’s official release, the M8 was met with mostly positive reviews and critical acclaim. The dust has largely settled, with HTC now focusing on other projects – such as their android smart-watch to name but one – although it hasn’t stopped the phone from making sustainable sales. Granted, at the beginning of 2013, sales of mobile devices were tipped to increase – Hispanics in particular were projected to be 37% more likely to buy a mobile device – and with that in mind it is easy to see why sales may have remained at immensely high levels. The price is another possible factor to sales though, as T-Mobile’s contract price of $26.50 for 24 months is more than reasonable but it could, however, ultimately be the phone itself and with that in mind we take a look at some of its best bits. Continue reading

Short PC reinstall became long

Yesterday a friend asked to look at his old computer. He told that computer crashes randomly with Blue Screen of death (BSOD). He suspected to be HDD problem due to bad sectors or so. He also wanted to save his pictures at least if nothing else can be done to make it work. Well I took PC for inspection.



First of all I tried to save pictures – copy them to flash memory. Started up computer and what you know – Antivirus software expired long ago, virus is thriving. Found out that it is worm:Win32/Brontok@mm. From its description I found that:

Win32/Brontok is a family of mass-mailing e-mail worms. The worm spreads by sending a copy of itself as an e-mail attachment to e-mail addresses that it gathers from files on the infected computer. It can also copy itself to USB and pen drives. Win32/Brontok can disable antivirus and security software, immediately terminate certain applications, and cause Windows to restart immediately when certain applications run. The worm may also conduct denial of service (DoS) attacks against certain Web sites. Continue reading

Pressure-less solar collector controller prototype

It’s been over three month since solar collector were installed. I decided to build controller by myself. And it turned out that it stayed in prototype stage. So I put it in to enclosure and left it like is. So far it works fine – water is hot everyday, so I have nothing more to expect. I have not many pictures of build, but I think will share what I have.


I you have followed forum thread you probably are familiar what system I was building. As I mentioned the solar collector is cheap made in China and is pressureless. Normally they come with special controller which takes care of refilling tank, ensuring protection from water freezing and other special scheduled routines. Pressureless collector usually is first filled with water which heats and then it is used (mixed with cold). Initial test shows that when collector is in direct sun it boils what leads to calcification of heater elements. Over all lifetime reduces and so efficiency. Continue reading

Your Considerations When You Buy a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

You have reached a conclusion that you desperately need a mobile phone signal booster which main goal is to help people to get rid of bad quality cell phone perception forever.

Great Popularity Because Of Effective Work

Such devices have enjoyed great popularity with the development of mobile services, and they are to make the quality signal better practically everywhere you wish – in a house, in a car or a truck, in an office building etc.

What is In a Set?

This wonderful gadget consists of an external antenna, a signal booster amplifier and an internal antenna, but sometimes, there are models, where everything is packed in one single unit, that it makes even more comfortable to work with.


Do not Be Afraid of Doing it for the First Time

In case, it is your first time when you have to buy a mobile phone signal booster, here is some advice what to pay attention to in order to make the right choice ever. Continue reading