Rthyn L6 smartwatch could be your next phone

Usually smart watches are used in tandem with smartphones. The watch is paired with smartphone using bluetooth connection sou you could see all phone activity on your wrist. Probably this is why in many cases smart watch is considered to be unnecessary gadget. You have to have to carry both devices instead of one. If you have phone, why would you want to duplicate functionality on your watch.


We all know that smartphone is more convenient in many ways starting with screen size, processing power and habit of using it as a phone. But with smartphone there is always one more action to take before using it. It is always somewhere in the pocket, purse or on the table. You need to pull it out before using while smart-watch phone can be always on your wrist. If you like this way of thinking then you should consider purchasing a smart watch phone instead of smartphone. Of course there is always an option to have them both and get most of it. Continue reading

Your Life on a Hard Drive

Imagine what would happen if your hard drive failed. It’s a possibility that most people don’t ever think can happen to them. For the average, non-computer geek, their electronic device is infallible. While advancements in technology would lead you to believe this, it’s simply not true. The good news is that many companies specialize in data recovery services for most any make of computer on the market.


There are things you can do to protect your work and personal items stored on your computer. First, you should always back up your computer and keep the copy disk in a safe place. Unless you’re a business you probably rarely ever back it up, if at all. This is a huge mistake. Since people practically live on computers the probability for priceless videos and photos found is a given. More than likely you also keep your bills and other private documents too. In the event of a computer crash, you might lose everything.  Continue reading

Can smart phone be cheap and powerful in one place?

We are used to stick to well known smart phone brands. Of course they are great in many ways but not the price. The more features the device have the more expensive it is. But here are more and more facts showing on the Internet that high brand phones are not that much better than other less expensive.

Smaller manufacturers in order to compete usually put more features for less price. These can be more powerful processor, more RAM and other hardware. So maybe it is better to stop chasing brands and get really what you are looking for. Continue reading

5 Things You Didn’t Know About a Mobile Signal Booster

When you can’t talk on the phone without being interrupted inside your house, when you have to run outside the office to get a Skype message, it’s still not a dead end. People use mobile signal boosters to combat this kind of signal troubles. However, all they know about this equipment is that in most cases it’s able to increase bars but nor more. As a result, the notion of a signal booster gets overgrown with prejudices. We decided to make top 5 things you have hardly ever heard about a mobile signal booster, so that you can check what you really know about this kind of equipment.  As an example we use Hiboost mobile signal repeater, produced by Huaptec.


  • GSM Boosters won’t work if there’s no signal outside.

We bet you were always sure that a mobile signal booster would improve a signal anyway and how well it would do it fully depends on the quality of the booster. You’re partly right but that is not the whole story. If you can’t pick up the signal outside your house at all, it’s strong possibility that you won’t be able to improve cellular signal. It’s connected with the booster working principle. In fact the device doesn’t literally amplify the signal, but repeats good signal from the outside and spread it inside the area. That’s why more or less good signal reception outside the building (at least 2-3 bars) is obligatory for future booster users. Continue reading

Replace your TV with UhAPPy U20 LCD Projector

Normally we are trying to expand your existing TV functionality with smart TV boxes that are fun of course, but in other hand you are still limited to TV size and location where you are going to have fun. Sometimes you may want to watch movies in different room or even take out to some unusual place. In this case you may want to consider a projector, which gives mobility, large screen and tons of features.


We are talking about smart projector which doesn’t need any host device to send video stream. The projector itself runs Android which is able to produce content on your wall by itself. Continue reading

Beelink MiniMX III TV Box with quad core 64-bit Amlogic S905

There are many TV boxes to choose and it may seem that the more expensive are better. This is not always a truth. Sometimes cheaper ones can give all you may need. This time lets take a look at Beelink MiniMX III TV Box which uses the latest Android 5.1 operating system running on 64-bit quad core Amlogic S905 processor.


Beelink MiniMX III TV Box is capable of running any Android app on your TV flawlessly since it features powerful processor, 2GB DDR3 of RAM. It already comes with 16GB of eMMC ROM which can be extended with 32GB flash storage. It is rich in connectivity options like Buetooth 4.0, 1GB Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI 2.0 supporting 4K video output, 2xUSB 2.0, IR for remote. Continue reading