3 Essential Steps for Safe Welding

Accidents are minimized when welders take responsibility for their own actions. As a welder, you need to observe safety precautions to keep yourself and others safe. Because welding equipment varies, consult the manufacturer’s manual for guidelines on how to use your particular machinery and tools. However, no matter what type of equipment you use, there are general safety precautions that are smart to follow.

Secure the Environment

Prospective welding sites must be inspected for potential fire hazards, and all safety precautions should be observed. For instance, in some areas a fire watch is required for a specific amount of time after welding operations cease. Your site needs to have fire extinguishers ready, and combustible material should be removed or shielded. Many areas are unsafe for welding because of the risk of fire. Prohibitions to welding should always be respected. Continue reading

How to Save on Building a Home PC

A personal computer – a PC, to keep it short – is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your home. Although it has no specific destination as many other devices built to do something, it can be used in the most varied ways.

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You can use your PC as a media player for audio and video, you can use it to process your photos and videos, to keep in touch with friends and relatives, to work – in short, for everything that involves data processing in one way or another. But this is hardly any news for you. Continue reading

Trying DSO138 digital oscilloscope from Gearbest

We all agree that hobbyist or engineer should have proper bench oscilloscope for everyday use. They have all standard features including built in screen, interchangeable probes and convenient knob controls. Anyway if you are looking for temporary cheap solution, you can try building your own oscilloscope. Luckily you don’t have to make it from scratch because there are many projects and kits available that are cheap but powerful enough to fit most of basic needs.

DSO138_assembled Continue reading

Time is slowing whilst life is speeding up: Where’s Einstein when you need him?

The news that the world is slowing down – and that time itself is running slow – announced to explain the leap second at midnight on June 30th will have struck many readers as odd. After all, all the available evidence suggests that the pace of life is speeding up, not slowing down. And it certainly feels like it is speeding up faster than one second every two or three years.


cc IMG by  DonkeyHotey 

Anyone who has been close to keeping up to speed over the past decade will only have seen the pace of their life accelerating. Ever-faster connectivity, shopping that arrives without you having to leave home, instant messaging, mobile everything and all of it available 24/7 Continue reading

America’s Energy Industry Receives A Social Media Make Over

As controversy over the potential pros and cons of the search for new sources of energy continues in the United States, more and more companies that are involved in the energy industry are turning to a new ally in order to communicate their message to the public. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others, are becoming an important component in the media campaigns waged by companies involved in this vital segment of industry.

Social Media Channels Are Becoming A “Go To” Source Of Breaking Information

As a result, people who are interested in learning about the latest news coming from the energy production sector are turning more often to social media sites than other sources of information. These various social media channels are thus rapidly becoming a “go to” source for breaking information. This is largely due to the ability of a representative of the company to upload new information directly as it occurs, with updates coming as frequently thereafter as is seen fit by the company.  Continue reading