The role of aerodynamics in sport

Aerodynamics stems from fluid dynamics, the study of fluid flow. It concerns itself with the motion of air, especially the way air interacts with solid objects.


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Without our extensive knowledge into aerodynamics, the world would look extremely different to how it appears today. Flying would be non-existent, driving would be considerably harder, and even sport would suffer.

The far reach of aerodynamics is quite staggering. Its role in sports can be decisive at times. Below are some of the supports that rely heavily on aerodynamic exploitation. Continue reading

Inventions Science Still Owes Us in 2015

Science evolves at an incredible rate. We have realized more in the last few decades than all things the bright minds of the previous centuries have realized altogether. A man has stepped on the surface of the moon in our lifetime, and possibly another one will set foot on Mars before we pass away. But there are still things that have been predicted that science still owes us – inventions that have never been built. Here are a few.

1. True holograms

Holograms were always a thing of science fiction movies. Villains have tricked us into believing they were there, when they were only projected. The Enterprise D had an awesome holodeck – something I think everyone would love to see finally built – that projected lifelike images of people and places on board an interstellar journey. Even the infamous Back to the Future II has featured a holographic ad for Jaws 19. But science has still not provided us with a real life hologram.

Not that there were no attempts to create one, but the closest anyone has gotten to an actual hologram was IO2 Technology with its famous Heliodisplay. Augmented reality and VR might viable alternatives, but both of them require devices to be worn – but I still would like to see an actual hologram in other places than movie and TV screens. Continue reading

Technical Education in Ukraine

Young people realize how important it is to have a good education. Only by getting a decent education and skills, it is possible to withstand a tough competition of today’s highly competitive job market. The quality of education you can get depends on the university you choose, its educational process and faculty. These abilities you can get to go to study for foreign students in Ukraine in the technical universities.

Many school graduates aspire to get technical education, as it opens numerous opportunities when it comes to a dream work search. Upon getting technical or IT education, graduates have excellent chances to find a well-paid job and start a good career. However, before you start gaining profit, it is necessary to make certain investments in the education. Modern applicants have lots of options when it comes to choosing the best higher educational establishment and they are not limited by the boundaries of their countries only. Ukraine is in the list of world’s most popular destinations for getting quality technical education. Continue reading

Guide For Modern Electrical Safety

Most people understand the potential hazards of working with electricity, yet there are many men and women who face those risks every day. Jobs in the fields of engineering, maintenance, and construction represent just a fraction of those where workers must handle some type of electricity. Even office workers who don’t directly handle electricity may come into contact with electrical hazards at times. Fortunately the standards for safety, which are provided in courses of safety and electrical training, have increased our comfort with electricity. Today, because of these standards, most people don’t give a second thought to the electricity, which is flowing through their homes, businesses, and places of recreation.

On-Going Education

In order to maintain the safety standards and our comfort around electricity, professionals in any field of electricity must remain up-to-date with all current information. It is imperative than anyone who works with electricity understands advances made with regard to electrical safety. Some of these areas include:

  • Protective devices
  • Power generation, transmission, and distribution
  • The use of electric systems
  • Wiring safety
  • Increased safeguards for personnel protection

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Features of classrooms Automated by Linear Actuators

There are various features that are used to identify the classrooms that have been automated by linear actuation. These features make it easy and simple to ensure that the classrooms are automated. The classrooms that are automated using the linear actuators are comprised of a single interface that is used in controlling all the equipment in the classroom. This paper will look at the features of the classrooms that are automated using the 12-24 volt linear actuators.


The classrooms that are automated using the linear actuators are comprised of projectors, cameras, computers, speakers and various equipment that are used to control the various elements of nature. This includes the regulation of temperature and the intensity of light in the classrooms. The linear actuators are linked to from complex systems that are controlled from one interface. This makes it possible for the students and the instructor to conveniently control the equipment to ensure that the students acquire more from the lessons. Some other features associated with the actuators include the automatic opening and closing of doors, moving the tables and chairs, and the camera surveillance for the classroom. Continue reading