Betting technologies and platforms around us

Where ever there are a sports games, people try to bet by placing wager on the outcome.  Betting is one of the oldest mankind activity with evidences found in ancient Rome, China, Egypt. For a long time the main form of betting was actual watching the games and betting through a bookmaker. This was a traditional form of spending time and money.

But since technology evolved along with globalization. People noticed that there are lots of games where they could place a bets. But you could not attend each game physically. This is where a term “bookmaker” changed its face. Eventually bookies were replaced with computers that could accept multiple bets and carry lots of statistical information. In modern times, betting became different form of activity. Instead of people going to bet – bets came to us.


Most of the time professional bets involve analyzing gaming statistics, predicting best odds, selecting one of many bet types. People involved in betting even don’t watch the games in order to get the result. Betting platforms like TitanBet takes care of carrying results, handling statistics, and joining hundreds of games around the world. Many betting platforms even include a simulated virtual sport games like horse racing so anyone could be engaged every time. Those virtual games are based on gathered statistics over years. Continue reading

How to Keep a Place on the Boat with Linear Actuators

Actuators are simple devices capable of producing short stroke motions that is in either directional or non-directional movements. Marine linear actuators produce motion in a straight line used for applications that require positioning and lifting. With the principle of the inclined plane where the thread of the lead screw acts as a continuous ramp to allow rotational force, movement is enabled in same directions which enable movement and adjustment used for lifting different objects on the boat that enable space creation.

Lifting and positioning of tables

By short stroke motions produced by the actuator, simple movements that include lifting and positioning of tables is enabled by use of remote and buttons. This means a table and seat can be moved from place to the other if required and also enables place to be created for other purposes. Adjusting tables to different heights enable same table used for different purposes that include dinning or working saving space that would be used by many tables.


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What Home Line Actuators Do


Home line actuators are responsible for the automation of the housework and the household activities. The actuators are responsible for the control of most of the automated movements from the home. From the gates to the garage doors, to the kitchen, living room and even the bedrooms, actuator systems can be found providing improved comfort and convenience in the homes. Actuators can be very helpful to the elderly and the disabled who may have to move around the compound. A well-automated home with actuators will eliminate the chance of employing caregivers to these people. They, therefore, increase the quality of life for the disabled and the elderly who do not need the services of other people in the homes in the presence of actuator systems.

Control of Household Activities

12v electric actuator can control most of the domestic activities which may include home entertainment systems and cabinets, houseplants and yard watering and even changing the ambience scenes for different events such as prayers, parties and dinners. Actuators can control the home like robots, with the devices connected to a central place on the home network. Therefore, all automated actuators can be monitored from a standard point. Continue reading

DIRECTV and NFL Extend $12 Billion Partnership

DIRECTV and NFL have announced an extension to their partnership, cementing another 8 years of NFL action for DIRECTV subscribers. However, the move has come at a price for DIRECTV, with costs rising 50% to $1.5 billion per year – more than the price paid by competitors NBC, Fox and CBS respectively.


The pay-TV service, which broadcasts to over 22 million subscribers worldwide, offers NFL coverage as part of their NFL Sunday Ticket package, which has proved instrumental in building and maintaining subscriber numbers in periods of prevailing market weakness. Furthermore, the deal is seen as a major factor in the proposed merger with AT&T, with the transaction relying to some extent on the successful tie-up. Continue reading

Key Reasons Why Startups Should Consider IT OUtsourcing

Several years back, every company had at least one in-house IT specialist, responsible for keeping computers and network running smoothly, and also managing all apps used by the company. Larger companies used to hire teams of IT specialists to guarantee, reliable and consistent work of computer systems and applications. Things have changed greatly in recent years, as many companies have discovered the benefits of IT outsourcing. Indeed, IT outsourcing has a number of strategic and financial benefits, which allow business owners develop their companies quicker and with lesser expenses.

IT Outsourcing is advantageous for various businesses, whether big or small. However, it appeared to be particularly beneficial for startup companies. Most startups have limited budgets, they only dream about huge income and cannot afford additional expenses needed for having their own IT department. So, the best way to save money on the IT development is to hire an offshore IT company. Continue reading